“You don’t promote freedom, but hate”: Holocaust survivor criticizes Joe Rogan in viral TikTok


TikTok video of Holocaust survivor went viral after criticizing podcaster Joe Rogan for sharing a video that used Holocaust footage accompanied by Mr. Rogan’s voiceover denouncing proof of vaccination requirements against Covid.

“You are absolutely not promoting freedom, but hate,” said author Gidon Lev in the video, which is addressed directly to Mr. Rogan.

“I am an 86 year old Holocaust survivor and have seen your video on American freedom and the Covid-19 vaccine. It included images of the Holocaust and of Adolf Hitler, the monster who murdered my father, 26 members of my family, and 6 million Jews and others in gas chambers, ditches, firing squads and even gas trucks.

“Do you want to talk about freedom? You are absolutely not promoting freedom, but hate, anti-Semitism and maybe even more violence and constant hatred. You should apologize to all of us, delete the video immediately. It’s disgusting, thoughtless and careless and I’m shocked at your lack of sensitivity.

Mr. Lev has posted two videos to report, thetrueadventures, which he directs with his partner and fellow writer Julie Gray. The videos have been viewed over 576,000 times.

Mr Rogan posted a video on his Instagram account last week that drew a line between the requirements for proof of vaccination against Covid and the Holocaust.

While Mr. Rogan does not talk about the Nazi atrocities in the clip, historical footage of Jewish ghettos in Europe and marching Nazi officers, among other footage, is accompanied by Mr. Rogan’s audio from a recent episode. podcast.

Mr Rogan says, “As soon as you give power to politicians, any kind of power that wasn’t there before, if they can find a way to force you to wear something that allows you to get into business or allows you to do this or allows businesses open, historically they are not going to give up that power.

“They are finding new reasons to use it. We must protect these freedoms at all costs, whether or not you agree with people’s choices, because that is the foundation on which this country was founded: freedom.

He added, “It’s the literal structure that makes this country so fucking amazing. Anything that can hinder your freedom is, by definition, anti-American. “

The independent contacted Mr. Rogan for comment.

Ms Gray told the Daily Dot that Mr Rogan did not respond to Mr Lev.

Mr. Lev was born in Carlsbad, then in Czechoslovakia, in 1935. He was taken to the Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1941 with his parents. While his mother survived, his father was sent to Auschwitz and died on death marches during the evacuation of the camp before the Allies arrived.

Mr. Lev survived the ordeal and left the camp at the age of ten in 1945. He ended up in Toronto, Canada, before moving to Israel in 1959. With Ms. Gray, he wrote The real adventures of Gidon Lev: Rascal Holocaust Survivor Optimist.

“Our TikTok subscribers were very supportive of Gidon’s message. Yet there are many who seem to fail to understand the weight and significance of the visual cues Rogan endorsed for use in the video, ”said Ms. Gray. Daily update.

“Comments range from overwhelmingly positive and dismayed hatred to outright anti-Semitic hatred and threats. To be honest, the comments that concern us most are those that demonstrate a serious misunderstanding of the basic story combined with an inability to discern between historical facts and politicized distortions.

The Holocaust was the genocide of European Jews during World War II orchestrated by Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Along with his collaborators, the Nazis systematically killed around six million Jews between 1941 and 1945.

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