“Windy City Rehab” Continues to Be Sued Amid “Commercial Divorce”


Windy City Rehab’s Alison Victoria Gramenos and Donovan Eckhardt (Getty)

The partners of “Windy City Rehab” found themselves in court. Again.

HGTV host Alison Victoria Gramenos and entrepreneur Donovan Eckhardt – once close friends – are accused of defaulting $ 170,000 in payments to two suburban lenders, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In a suit in Cook County court last week, Ferro Investment Fund LP and Mark Triffler’s Declaration of Trust claimed that 200 E. Delaware LLC, the legal entity that owned a Gold Coast condo flip on which they worked on during Season 2, failed to make payments on a $ 185,000 loan.

Payments due in April 2020 have been extended to October 9 and another extension to December 31 was accepted but never finalized, according to the report. While some payments have been made, the balance owed to the Joliet-based Ferro fund stands at $ 56,267, while the Lemont-based Triffler trust still owes $ 117,231 in principal and interest, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit is also asking for legal fees. A hearing date of November 2 has been set.

Lawyers for the trusts did not respond to requests for comment, but lawyers for Gramenos and Eckhardt did, according to the report.

The lawsuit, according to Gramenos attorney David Lynch, is “another in a series of claims arising from the fallout from the ongoing commercial divorce” between the two former partners, resulting “from a project (Eckhardt) put on the table “, reports the newspaper.

The project was supposed to bring them “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Lynch said. “Triffler and Ferro are now disappointed that they did not get all their money back. (Gramenos) shares their disappointment as she also lost over $ 150,000 on the project.”

James Skyles, Eckhardt’s attorney, told the Tribune he was surprised by the lawsuit. “Mr. Eckhardt has settled all the matters with Ferro Investment Fund and Mark Triffler Trust. We are puzzled as to why he was included in this lawsuit.”

This month’s trial is the latest in a series starting in 2019, while the series was still filming. Many have been resolved but some are still pending. A couple in Lincoln Square, for example, are still not happy with their home renovation and a family of investors say they too have not been fully paid, according to the report.

Cook County Judge Allen Walker arbitrates investor talks: “The court would be – I’m reluctant to use the word ‘happy’ – but the court would be willing to help you guys have settlement discussions.” Walker told lawyers, the Tribune reports.

[Tribune] – Jennifer Waters


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