What are watering cans really made of?


The ingredients that come together to make glitter are pretty basic, but that doesn’t mean the production process is too. Healthline explains that before the nuggets end up in the containers you see at the grocery store, there’s a lot going on to make them. It all starts when powdered sugar, binders, and food coloring are combined to form a thick mixture. This dough is then pushed through a special extruder, which produces thin strands of dough which are essentially extra long nuggets. The strands are transferred to a conveyor belt, then a drum, where they are broken down to a more suitable size.

Once cut, the nuggets are sprinkled with more food coloring as well as a protective sugar-based frosting (vegans, beware – some companies also use animal products to make this frosting). It is this coating that gives the nuggets their shiny appearance and their slight crunch. Finally, the vermicelli are packaged for retail distribution so that they can ultimately be used in all kinds of desserts. If you’re not a fan of the process, or just feeling ambitious in the kitchen, you can also make your own sprinkles at home.

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