Visual Studio Code benefits from JavaScript debugging without extensions


Debugging JavaScript in Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s free code editor, just got a little easier and simpler, thanks to the latest update.

Previously, developers using Visual Studio Code to debug JavaScript probably should have used the Chrome debugger or the Microsoft Edge Debugger extension, due to the lack of native JavaScript debugging functionality. But since the last update, Visual Studio Code now comes with native JavaScript debugging, eliminating the need to install an additional extension.

In addition, the debugging experience has been made simple and easy. Starting a new debugging session is as easy as pressing F5 or clicking the debug option from the menu and selecting “Run and Debug”. The Command Palette also gives you quick access to the built-in debugging functionality.

When you choose to debug, you will have the option to choose from the following debuggers:

  1. Chromium
  2. Edge
  3. Node.js.

Alternatively, the option to install an extension is always available, if you still need that option.

Using Edge will provide an added benefit by showing an inspection option, which will launch Microsoft Edge developer tools directly in Visual Studio Code. This will allow you to perform a number of actions from your code editor instance, including inspecting the DOM, tweaking CSS, and auditing network requests, while still staying in your editor. coded.

So if you are using Visual Studio Code for JavaScript development, we recommend that you update to get this latest feature, which will allow you to uninstall any previous JavaScript debugging extensions that you had installed and create a more seamless experience.

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