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“Artists traditionally place great importance on understanding values,” said John Lillyman. He will be leading a workshop, “The Value of Values,” at 1 pm on July 24 at The Archway. The cost of the course is $ 25 per person.

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By RICK BROWN, Yard Light Media

KEARNEY – As a visual artist, John Lillyman understands the seven elements of art.

One of these, value, relates to the lightness or darkness of a color. The information our eyes pick up through “value” helps us understand the illusion of light in a work of art.

“My goal is to help artists better understand the importance of value studies in a finished work of art, however simple it may be,” said Lillyman. “Understanding gradations from dark to light is fundamental in value studies. So, the value of valuable studies is seeing the world, not so much in the form of vivid colors, but in the black and white version, which helps you see the things that catch our eye.

Lillyman, who works as an architect on her day job, will host an art workshop, “The Value of Values,” at 1 pm on July 24 at The Archway. The workshop will focus on the composition of a landscape painting using acrylic paint in black, white and gray tones. The cost of the workshop is $ 25 per person. All the material for the workshop is provided.

“Artists have traditionally placed a great deal of importance on understanding values,” said Lillyman. ” It is not given. Not everyone sees him when he starts out in the world of art or drawing. For some people, this can be a reminder. And for others, it could be a whole new way of looking at their world.

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