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Two python cases in 24 hours

Posted on: Wednesday, December 22, 2021

By: Ahmad Apong

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BEAUFORT: It has been a busy day for district firefighters who responded to four cases within 24 hours on Monday, including two involving the capture of pythons. catch a python at Kg Pilajau. “The python was captured inside a house and released in a safe area.

“Immediately after that, the Fire and Rescue Station received another emergency call regarding an accident at Jalan Beaufort-Sipitang, Kg Meraba, at 3:21 pm (pictured).” The accident involved a Proton Iswara and an excavator. The rescue team removed the seriously injured victim of Iswara who was hit by an excavator before sending him to Beaufort hospital, “he said. Mohammad Hasbullah said the day before, less than 24 hours, that their team had received a call to the special services to rescue a two-year-old child who was locked in a car.


“A fire and rescue team rushed to Tamu land and found a girl locked in a Perodua Alza. “The child was afraid to see the firefighters presence but was calmed down by his mother. The door was opened using special equipment. “Immediately after the incident, firefighters rushed to Kg Kuari to catch another python before releasing it into the forest,” he said.


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