Top 5 Python Programming Language Myths


Beware of the main myths around Python to have a deep understanding of the world of technology

Python is becoming one of the leading programming languages ​​in the technology-driven global market. Several reputable companies and start-ups have started recruiting developers and data scientists who have sufficient knowledge of Python. But, there are some tech myths around Python that may worry the developer community. Here are the 5 main myths around the Python language to be aware of.

Python is a scripting language

The most common misconception among newcomers to programming is that Python is just a scripting language. However, it allows compilation in the same way as other programming languages ​​like Java. It is possible to automate the procedure so that it is undetectable. Python does not require a septet compiler.

It’s not scalable

Python can be scaled vertically and horizontally. Python scalability is not automatic. This requires some engineering work. Scaling python code requires various activities, such as making the most of the underlying RAM, which requires permanent database servers such as SQL, as well as system upgrades single to a distributed system.

Concurrency is not supported in Python

Concurrency support is built into the programming language. Python frameworks such as PyPy and Stackless make it easy to implement custom concurrency. In Python, there are several types of parallel systems implementation, the most common of which are processes and threads.

Python is not designed for large projects

When dealing with large organizations, scalability and code reuse are important considerations. Python provides users with a predefined collection of libraries. To create a new Python program, just clone the existing one. Python libraries and their diverse range of libraries are widely used by large organizations such as Facebook and Google.

It is not safe and vital systems are not supported

Many people have a poor understanding of the Python programming language. They think it’s a less secure language because of the basic code and syntax it uses. A strong government support structure is in place to address and resolve security issues.

That being said, these are some of the major myths of Python, the most preferred programming language in 2021 besides R, Java, and C++. These are few misconceptions that need to be debunked for developers or scientists to focus on this programming language for better results in the future.

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