Top 3 Ways to Create a Texture Pack in Minecraft


Customizations are one of the main reasons Minecraft is popular among gamers. In Minecraft, players can change almost anything in the game, such as the behavior of monsters, block textures, sounds, and more.

As many players prefer to play Vanilla Minecraft, they don’t use mods. Instead, players can use texture packs to enhance the visual nature of Minecraft. While there are many texture packs available online, players may want to create their own.

This article shows players how to create their own texture packs for Minecraft. Making a texture pack will require creativity and ideas as it will change the usual texture of objects in the game.

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How to make texture packs in Minecraft

# 3 – Modify the texture packs already available in the data files

When a player downloads Minecraft, all the textures of mobs, blocks and everything in between are stored as data files in storage drives. Players can access these files and change the textures to their preference.

However, this requires basic knowledge of JSON as well as pixel art skills to modify textures. Players can watch the above OMGCraft video to learn more about this.

# 2 – make textures from scratch

Some players like to completely change the texture instead of just modifying it. For example, the blue texture of diamond swords can be transformed into emerald green or red, and much more. Players can use Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, or other similar photo editing apps to create textures. It only remains to add a little creativity and pixel art.

# 1 – Download a texture pack and modify it

Thousands of texture packs are available for free online. However, sometimes players have a hard time choosing one, as a texture pack can either offer nice textures for glasses or contain fantastic textures for boards.

In such situations, players can download two texture packs and merge their textures into one. They can replace texture files from one pack with files from the other. Before doing this, they should make sure that the creator has given permission to do so and give them credit if the merged pack is going to be downloaded online in the future.

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