The Sims 4 Ghost sends condolence text on their own death


A Sims 4 player is taken by surprise when their grieving Sim receives a heartwarming message from the grieving deceased.


The sims is a renowned and beloved series since its inception, but that doesn’t mean the games are flawless. From visual problems to broken ones Sims 4 Kits, every entry in the series has seen some sort of quirk arise, although receiving a text from a ghost offering condolences on his own death is likely something many gamers have never seen before.

While there are ways to avoid it, the basic setup of everything Sims game includes aging and the risk of injury or death for its Sims. One Sims 4 The player found himself puzzled when he received a message from a ghost offering solace and comfort because he himself had passed away.


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Reddit user wormgirl7 shared an image of an odd moment from her game. Onscreen text can be seen of a friendly Sim trying to calm the player’s Sim down about their recent passing away. He offers to take the player’s Sim to lunch so he can talk about it, hoping to give him some solace and closure. The only problem is that the Sim who wants to comfort the player is actually dead, and this is the same person their Sim was crying for.

Ghosts in The sims are nothing new and have been around since the beginning. Players can mainly see them when a Grim Reaper comes to retrieve a Sim’s soul after death, but there have been a plethora of possibilities for ghosts to hang out or revisit players once their physical body has passed. . While receiving a text from one of them is certainly special, some of those who responded to the message have testified that the same has happened to their Sims.

Given that this is something that has happened to multiple players, it is not clear whether this was intentional EA programming or not. It’s possible that it started out as a scary gaming glitch and was left out as it doesn’t negatively impact gameplay and can be skipped outright if the player isn’t interested.

Outside of games intentionally focusing on ghosts and spirits like the indie hit Phasmophobia, Where Cyberpunk 2077 starring the late Johnny Silverhand, it’s rare for players to have the opportunity to hang out with a recently deceased character. This would probably actually be a great opportunity for the player’s Sim to receive a shutdown, as they could come out of the experience knowing that their loved one still exists, even though they don’t have physical form.

The sims 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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