The presence of Cylite HP-OCT is felt on the international research scene


Cylite’s HP-OCT featured in research from two international institutions presented at ARVO in Colorado.

Melbourne-based medical device company Cylite unveiled its soon-to-be-available HP-OCT to an international audience at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) conference in Denver, Colorado.

Held in May, the ARVO conference is primarily aimed at clinical and basic researchers in the field of vision, with the goal of advancing research on the visual system and ultimately treating vision disorders.

In addition to attracting interest as an exhibitor, Cylite’s HP-OCT was also featured thanks to research from two international institutions: the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Stanford University.

Associate Professor Edmund Tsui and Ms. Nina Cherian from UCLA presented a poster entitled “Comparison of a new hyper-parallel optical coherence tomography biometer with a swept-source OCT biometer in patients with cataracts”, which was compared the biometric parameters generated by Cylite’s HP-OCT to those of a commercially available optical biometer.

In addition, Stanford Associate Professor Alfredo Dubra and PhD Candidate in Optics Ms. Grayce Huang presented a poster titled “Retinal Magnification Factors Derived from Refraction-Corrected Optical Biometrics”.

“This research used the unique capabilities of Cylite’s HP-OCT to quantify the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea and lens, as well as the distances between each surface, then used ray tracing to account for the magnification of the individual eyes,” a Cylite spokesperson said.

“By doing this, the authors were able to more accurately describe the proportions of the retina of each eye, which could be important for measuring retinal structures using OCT.”

Cylite has confirmed that the first public presentation of its Australian-made HP-OCT software with Focus will take place this week at the O-Show in Sydney, with a European launch scheduled for Q1 2023.

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