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This is column no.5530.

The classic example of irony is the long-awaited reopening of California that comes along with a record-breaking heat wave that made us want to get out and go elsewhere.

Having been there regularly at first, I haven’t been to many Lancaster JetHawks games over the past few years, but I miss having our own minor league team in town.

Speaking of local baseball, how about those Lancaster High Eagles – CIF Division 7 champions?

Today is Father’s Day and the 108th anniversary of the birth of my father, Melville Warford, in Bucks County, Penn.

Right-wing cable channels say President Joe Biden’s summit with Vladimir Putin was a disaster, left-wing cable shows it was a triumph, so we can infer it was just average.

Kudos to the firefighters for bringing down Thursday’s fire at 90th Street West and Avenue K before it burned down houses.

Living outside the city has always been appealing to me, but less so during fire season.

While we all know that it is not the “safe and sane” fireworks that create problems for Valley residents, Palmdale should nonetheless ban them as they signal citizens that personal fireworks are OK.

My favorite heat joke: It was so hot Thursday that I saw a dog chasing a cat on Lancaster Boulevard, and they were both walking.

It is good to see the government declare June 19 – June 19, the day in 1865 when the last slaves learned that the civil war was over and they were free – a national holiday.

If you like to sleep at night, don’t read Nicole Perlroth’s fascinating but downright terrifying non-fiction book on cybersecurity: “This is How They Tell Me the World Ends.”

In the 1960s, it was the left that resisted the government, the system, the man – now it is the right that protests against what it sees as an oppressive government.

Despite the hot desert temperatures, the worst and most debilitating heat I have ever experienced was in Washington in 2010, when the heat and humidity soared nearly a century.

Democrats and the national media have told us that Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are far-right ideologues who would roll back all that is good and decent in America if they are upheld in the Supreme Court – again false.

Good news: Tax experts say you can deduct your ransom payments if you get hit by cybercriminals.

I still see a lot of people wearing masks although they are no longer needed in most places – either these people are not fully vaccinated or they have become so used to the masks that they do not feel safe without them. them.

Yes, I can attest that it was stressful teaching during the pandemic, but a survey (funded by the teachers’ union) saying teaching was the most stressful job during the pandemic goes a little too far.

Sorry to read that first family dog ​​Champ has passed away – expect CNN and MSNBC to preempt regular programming for full funeral coverage.

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