The Case for a Jade Empire Remake


BioWare is a prolific developer, with several award-winning games in its stable of releases. Its franchises as dragon age, Mass Effectand Baldur’s Gate are critically acclaimed and loved by the gaming community, in addition to the developer’s other popular hits like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. One of his lesser-known titles, however, is jade empire – an Xbox game from 2005 that flew under the radar in part thanks to its lack of commercial success. Although the game failed to start its own franchise or even warrant a sequel, jade empire still has its fans, and many gamers would love to see a revival of BioWare’s old IP.


BioWare has been in business for a long time and has established itself in the gaming community as a developer that produces popular and acclaimed games. There has been strong speculation for years that a Knights of the Old Republic remake was in the works, and while it may not be in BioWare’s hands, it does show an appetite for the developer’s older titles in today’s market. Jade Empire 2 was once in development before it was canceled, and some BioWare folks said the property wasn’t shelved forever, so some fans think now is the time for a remake.

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In praise of the original jade empire

BioWare is among the best when it comes to producing action RPGs. BioWare’s games are often well-written, with engaging characters and gripping stories, amid combat and gameplay excitement. Upon its release, jade empire has been well received and praised for its unique history and setting. Loosely based on Chinese history and mythology, the game was set in a fictional kingdom in the Far East where human wizards could harness the five elements and battle living and dead enemies.

Like many other BioWare RPGs, jade empire Featured player choice and a morality system. There were two options, much like Mass EffectRenegade and Paragon antithetical system. However, unlike Mass Effect, jade empireThe Open Palm and Closed Fist picks had a bit more nuance. One was not necessarily good and the other bad, but rather one was a more altruistic approach and the other was more direct and self-reliant. While the latter tends to lead to more aggressive picks, it wasn’t a “bad” pick like Renegade is deemed to be.

jade empireBioWare’s world feels distinct from BioWare’s simpler sci-fi or fantasy settings, which helps set it apart not only from the developer’s other titles, but from RPGs in general, as there are sadly few that have Chinese-inspired settings. BioWare has also gone further in world-building, even creating Tho Fan, an Asian-style constructed language specifically for the game to add to the realism of the setting and help fans feel more immersed in its culture. .

Jade Empire: what a remake could improve

While jade empire was well received by critics and has its share of loyal fans over a decade after its release, there are parts of the game that could definitely use an upgrade. Remakes like Square Enix’s recent Final Fantasy 7 have proven what is possible, especially with decades-old titles. jade empire may not be as established or as beloved as Final Fantasy 7but a remake would go a long way to tweaking the original game and elevating its best features, as well as improving some of the ones that didn’t work so well the first time around.

Some of the reviews that jade empire encountered on its first release were with the game’s combat. Some reviewers felt that the combat did not achieve a good balance or lack a natural flow, and some of the systems felt a bit shallow. The gameplay in general was considered solid, although some parts felt repetitive and quite basic. An improved combat system with more complex and challenging aspects would automatically improve jade empireand would help engage players alongside the engrossing story.

jade empireThe world of and its story have often been praised by critics and gamers alike, but overall the game was deemed too short. A remake could expand the game world, giving players more chances to explore and offering more content like side quests and story missions. There are other obvious improvements, like better graphics and smoother animations, which would all work together to improve the jade empire live.

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Why Jade Empire should return

Similar to BioWare Remastered Mass Effect Legendary Editiona remake of jade empire could soften the rougher edges of gaming and turn a great title into an exceptional one. With some basic combat tweaks, visual upgrades, and a bigger world to explore, jade empire could enter this previously elusive sphere of commercial success, in addition to already reaching a critical one.

Remake jade empire would ensure its relevance and legacy for years to come, especially since there is already a wonderful game to use as a base. Its subsequent PC port may have meant it was able to reach a slightly wider audience, but as it did a decade later jade empirethe game couldn’t really compete in its current state with more modern titles.

jade empireThe original 2005 release date was a long time ago, but it’s even longer in terms of video games. Game engines, mechanics, and even game design have come an incredibly long way since then, and the industry has also seen a whole host of different console generations come and go. With the advantage of what game developers have at their disposal today, jade empire Could use an amazing facelift to do justice to its beautiful setting and fantastic features.

While the setting and world-building were lauded at the time, nearly two decades of progress could lead to a richer, more authentic story. The writers and development team took a lot of inspiration from Chinese artwork, oriental landscapes, Asian literature, and even samurai movies. However, there are big differences between cultural sensibilities in the early 2000s and today. A reassessment of the world that jade empire portrayed with a heightened sense of what constitutes exoticism, and which should be included in the making of stories like this, would only help create a better world and a more nuanced story as well.

jade empire is available on PC.

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