The artists brought the Intwasa festival to life: artistic director



Zimbabwe National Arts Council (NACZ) Director Nicholas Moyo praised the artists for keeping the Intwasa KoBulawayo Arts Festival alive for the past 17 years.

Moyo, who is the founding director of the festival, said NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the official opening ceremony of the festival, Tuesday evening at the Bulawayo Theater, that the fiesta was carried by the sector and the artists who play a greater role there.

“It’s exciting that Intwasa turns 17 this year. I think what is unique about the festival is that it is driven by the sector, it is largely funded by the sector and you could say it is poorly funded, but note that the biggest funder is the artist, ”he said.

“The artists have maintained Intwasa because it is the founding principle of Intwasa, it is totally up to the artists.”

Moyo said he was humbled by the growth of the festival.

“When you develop the brand, you have other partners. Walking with Intwasa for years, I’m very happy to see him grow and you can tell new artists and art forms are coming, ”he said.

“I see that the festival has grown in terms of repertoire and focus and makes sure that the artists are the key players.”

With the partial opening of the arts sector, this year’s edition of the festival is taking place both physically and virtually.

Physical performances are presented at the NGZ, Bulawayo Theater and Zimbabwe Music Academy, while virtual performances are broadcast on the festival’s digital platforms.

As part of today’s program, the art gallery will host a book launch and public reading, while the music academy will host the screening of two short films, A romantic date and Mlamu Wami. At night, the Bulawayo Theater will show the film Footprint.

On Friday, the festival kicks off with the Women’s Roundtable from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Art Gallery, while Amplifying Girls Voices Through Digital Arts will be hosted at the Bulawayo Club from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Later, the art gallery will host the all-female exhibition Women, Wine, and Words.

Meanwhile, in Harare, the virtual Shoko festival begins its fourth day today with The Hub Unconference Digital Media Week which runs throughout the day until tomorrow with various discussions and speakers.

Yesterday (Wednesday) part of the lineup included The Underground, a unique selection of artists exploring dancehall and hip-hop subgenres Zim, such as Kadja, Lady B, King Her, Blacperl, Goofy and Case BTZ, among others.

Today will be the highly anticipated Shoko Roast, When Arts Meet Politics, hosted by Simuka Comedy, as popular local celebrities gather for an epic roast from the controversial politician and party chair of the African Labor Economists and Democrats ( LEAD), Linda Masarira.

Masarira will be toasted by top comedians Doc Vikela, Admire “Bhutisi” Kuzhangaira and Kaden, filmmaker Joe Njagu, Munya Noble Stylz and Charmaine Mujeri.

Another highlight of the festival today is the Africa Satire Convention which brings together satirists from across the continent, including Ugandan poet and human rights activist Stella Nyanzi, who said she was delighted to share her experiences on the writing of political satire on the Ugandan dictatorship.

Tomorrow, Mash Ups Night will bring the flavor of the weekend as the festival features a performance featuring an artistic collaboration from Sylent Nqo, Djembe Monks, Thandy Dhlana, Thandeka, Feli Nandi, GZE, Jungle Loco and Dancehall Kedha, between others.

The festival peaks on Saturday in a crowded Peace In The Hood show with plenty of twists and turns for the virtual audience.

The show will feature dancehall singer Tocky Vibes, Van Choga, Daruler, Tanto Wave and Voltz JT, among others.

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