Thailand: huge python crashes into ceiling after eating cat


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This is the moment when a giant snake fell from a family’s ceiling after eating its beloved cat.

The huge python was found hiding above the panels after the moggy named ‘Meow’ disappeared from Nakhon Sawan’s home in Thailand.

A family member called a group of rescue volunteers after spotting the snake’s shiny golden scales through a hole in one of the planks.

The specialist tried to remove the snake, but it went through the ceiling due to its weight and thick body.

The restless python then attempted to rush towards the man, who managed to overpower him with his gloved hands.

He then placed the snake in a plastic container, ending the August 4 ordeal.

The terrified owner said, “The snake’s stomach was bulging after eating my cat. It was violent, he even tried to bite the animal master.

The python was safely removed from the family home and subsequently released into the wild.

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