Students received the FutureFuel 2021 scholarship


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Colby Free (left) and Spencer Simpson (right)

Two students from the College of Engineering received the 2021 FutureFuel scholarship award. Colby Free, a major junior in electrical engineering, and Spencer Simpson, a senior in electrical engineering. The Terry Martin Endowed Outstanding Intern Award sponsored by FutureFuel Chemical Company is a $ 1,000 scholarship awarded annually to one or more outstanding interns.

Free said, “As an electrical engineering intern for FutureFuel Chemical Company in Batesville, Arkansas, I developed solutions to engineering problems when the plant’s electrical instrumentation needed to be upgraded or modified for new chemical processes, environmental testing or failure of the previous device. To implement solutions, I created documents, technical drawings and instructions for the required change and communicated them to plant staff and management, while documenting my work in a database in line. communication required for effective collaboration. I am honored to receive the Terry Martin Endowed Outstanding Intern Award for my internship experience this summer.

Simpson said, “This summer I worked with Midcontinent Independent System Operator, or MISO, in Eagan, Minnesota. I was part of the expansion planning group that was working to predict the transmission for the expected future. My specific roles included designing Python scripts to automate certain applications used within the group. I gained experience in the energy industry and honed my skills with Python. “

The scholarship was established in 2014 by FutureFuel in recognition of Terry Martin, recently appointed Interim Rector and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Martin has provided services and mentorship to students in the Department of Electrical Engineering and the College of Engineering during his tenure as a faculty member, Deputy Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and Senior Associate Dean for academics. The scholarship is open to students of the College of Engineering who have completed a full-time or part-time internship during the academic year. Preference is given to specializations in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and computer science.

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