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Earlier this year, based in Australia Artem debuted on WatchTime, introducing our readers to its new generation of sailcloth bracelets. Since then, the brand and its impressive line of bracelets have only grown in popularity, trending on forums and gaining more and more attention for their traditional pin-and-buckle options as well as more contemporary clasp offerings. deployants. As a result, this month we take another look at Artem’s offerings, touch on some of its most popular styles, and showcase its latest “Without buckle“design.

Artem straps: the new generation of sailcloth

For those who don’t know Artem, the brand’s story begins in Adelaide, a coastal town in South Australia, where two friends who are passionate about watches and eager to match their collections with the best bracelets available have embarked on a journey to get there. The result, after an extensive R&D program and many sleepless nights, was the creation of the Artem brand and also the next generation of sailcloth straps, each differentiating itself from the traditional rigid offerings in the category by their comfort. supreme and an almost zero break-in period. .

With an extensive catalog filled with options of colors, sizes and clasps to suit all tastes and watches, Artem has become more than just a brand. More so, Artem is a state of mind, as embodied in the motto of the company “Ars is Celare Artem(“True art hides the means by which it is produced”). This means that Artem products represent both craftsmanship and technique, with fine engineering and meticulous creativity coming together to meet the uncompromising expectations of the brand and its enthusiasts for comfort and utility.

Unparalleled comfort on the wrist

What you will quickly notice when wearing a Canvas strap Artem is not only incredible comfort from the first use, but also its beauty and versatility on the wrist.

On the first point – that is, comfort – the straps quickly show their ability to withstand Artem’s claim to an almost zero break-in period and immediate ease of wearing. While most other sailcloth straps are more an afterthought by retailers than a serious consideration, Artem has a clear focus on style and, with that emphasis, presents incredible value to fans in webbing straps. softest and easiest to wear sailcloth to date.

That this obvious attention to quality and great wearability are the two defining characteristics of Artem wristbands is by design. Much of the creation of the company arose from the founders of the brand who sought to breathe new life into the historic style of sailcloth, giving it as much attention as others have given others. traditional “summer” watch strap styles like rubber, tropical options, NATO and Perlons. As a result, Artem, disappointed with the relatively stiff and shoddy options in the contemporary market, recognized the opportunity and sought to change that, filling a gap for fans of the beloved summer strap, and in effect introducing the next generation of sailcloth found here.

Superior versatility in wear

In addition to comfort, the Artem sailcloth straps that we reviewed were also remarkably versatile, both in their outfit and style, and additionally in the multitude of options they offer. We’ve reviewed three straps, including versions with gray, white or black stitching, each perfectly paired with a range of sports watch models. With quick release and standard spring bar choices, changing straps was quick and painless whether our test watch had lug holes drilled or not. Additionally, with the choice of a deployant or standard clasp for the straps, the versatility and appeal of the sailcloth line has only increased.

Currently, Artem offers many different sizes for its sailcloth straps to accommodate almost any width of modern sports watch pods, as well as Apple Watch compatible options, each available with the choice of bars. standard spring or quick change. The bracelets are available with black, gray or white stitching, with standard pin clasps, or a choice of three folding styles, including one inspired by Richard Mille.

New “buckle-free” design

While Artem is making a name for itself for the unparalleled quality and comfort of its sailcloth straps, the brand has also continued to expand its impressive range. More recently, Artem introduced the latest addition to its catalog, a new “Loop-Less” sailcloth watch strap, its look inspired by Omega’s historic canvas bracelet style (above).

The new ‘Loop-Less’ line will include all the elements that are known to be unique to Artem sailcloth – including portability in the water, attention to detail, fantastic craftsmanship, comfort, etc. – but are distinguished above all by their reinforced holes and their absence of strap loops, which makes them perfect fabrics for the brand’s folding clasp options.

Pricing and availability

Artem’s new generation sailcloth range of webbing is available now via the Online Store. Pricing starts at $ 85 for standard spring bars and $ 98 for quick-release options, while the new “Without loop” the bracelets are marked at $ 133 with the folding clasp options starting at $ 68.

To find out more, visit Artem, here.

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