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Possible energy orb at Sand Hollow, Washington County, Utah, date unspecified | Photo courtesy of Southern Utah Paranormal, St. George News

ST. GEORGE – Do you have a ghost roaming your home or workplace? Who are you going to call? In this corner of the forest, the Southern Utah Paranormal Society is a great place to start. Founded by Joshua Stewart and the late Kevin Olson, Southern Utah Paranormal investigates haunting incidents, often debunking rumors and stories.

Ghost face near Cross Hollows Middle School, Cedar City, Utah, date unspecified | Photo courtesy of Kevin Olson, St. George News

Mostly ghostly

Hollywood often describes cemeteries and mortuaries as hotspots for ghosts. People who investigate haunting incidents believe these places are mostly occupied by corpses, not spirits. Todd Prince, a senior investigator for the Washington County Paranormal Section of southern Utah, said in his experience that ghosts are more likely to hang out in places with a lot of activity and energy such as homes, theaters, prisons, schools and hospitals.

So why do ghosts appear?

“There can be confusion between life and death,” Prince said. “They might want to stay with the family for a bit to make sure they’re okay.”

Because spirits are in a state of transition, they tend to occupy spaces that reflect this, such as doors, windows, stairwells, and landings. Prince said there are two basic types of hauntings: residual and intelligent. Residual hauntings involve energy trapped in a certain space.

“It’s just the energy that shows up over and over again because it’s trapped there,” Prince said. “He has no awareness of anything around him.”

In contrast, intelligent hauntings involve an entity interacting with living people. Their voices are often captured on digital recorders during surveys. In some cases, they wish to send a message or warning to the living. Other times they are confused and need help getting through.

In addition to voices, investigators also look for visual manifestations such as apparitions, shadows, or haze. Sometimes orbs – balls of concentrated energy – are seen or detected. While fascinating, Prince said orbs aren’t necessarily ghosts.

“It could be a visual manifestation of the energies that exist in classical physics in this area, the electromagnetic field.”

Prince notes that we can only see a small portion of what actually exists. Despite this, Prince said he was not afraid of the unknown.

“I’m more curious than scared,” Prince said. “If you’re in the paranormal realm you’re looking for that stuff, you don’t run away from it.”

Abandon the ghost

Orb like image in Freemont Indian State Park, Sevier County, Utah, date unspecified | Photo courtesy of the Southern Utah Paranormal Society, St. George News

Is there a reason ghosts make themselves known to the living? Southern Utah Paranormal co-founder Joshua Stewart believes that spirits can be attached to a particular house or space. Digital audio recordings constitute the bulk of the evidence gathered during an investigation. Stewart said that sometimes people are confused about what happened; other times they want to send a message such as “go”.

“If it’s just caught in the recordings of electronic vocal phenomena and nothing happens, it just tells me that they want to be alone,” said Stewart.

Stewart said ghosts are often agitated when renovations or changes are made to the places they are located.

connected to. For this reason, he is not afraid even when a spirit commands him to leave.

Tina Lloyd, a senior investigator with the Cedar City Chapter of Southern Utah Paranormal, said she has been to places where she can detect immense sadness.

“I’m trying to tell the spirit it’s OK to let go and move on,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd believes that an important part of his job is to make sure things are managed in the present so that they can finally rest in peace.

“Our work is important because it can help resolve people’s feelings about going to the other side,” Lloyd said.

Tools of the trade

Ghostbusters use many gadgets and gadgets to aid them in their investigations. Digital recorders are used to capture audio. The Southern Utah Paranormal Society has a number of music videos that include unusual sounds such as a cow bell ringing in a school building and a voice saying, “Please help me.”

Todd Prince of Southern Utah Paranormal Society Teaches ICL Ghost Hunting Course at Dixie State University, St. George, Utah, October 2021 | Photo by Adele Park, St. George News

In an attempt to determine if a spirit is present but is not making a noise, investigators have a variety of devices that can detect fluctuations in an area’s electric or magnetic fields. It is believed that ghosts emit energy which can then be picked up by these instruments. One of these tools is called a Rempod which turns on or triggers an alarm when the electromagnetic field is disturbed by invisible forces. Static or negative charges in the air can be picked up using a device called Epod.

Infrared thermometers are used to identify cold spots. The theory is that ghosts draw energy from the air around them, which leaves behind a small pocket of cold air. Other equipment includes motion sensors and a variety of phone apps specifically designed for ghost hunters.

Some investigators have unique talents that don’t require any equipment. Susie Prince of Southern Utah Paranormal is clairaudient. This means that she can hear things that others cannot, which is very useful when it comes to investigating haunting incidents. This ability has been with Prince since childhood when she had a few encounters in the family food storage room of her home.

“I was afraid to enter this room; it was dark and the light was in the middle of the room, ”Prince said. “I could hear people talking in this room.”

Charlisa McConnell Robertson of Southern Utah Paranormal has several unique attributes, including being clairaudient and clairvoyant. His clairvoyance experiences mainly consisted of seeing film clips as images of people and places. McConnell Robertson is also an empath, which means she can sense emotional energy.

“I can walk into a space and say if something happened that made other people uncomfortable,” said McConnell Robertson.

Get the ghost out of here!

There is relief available for residents of Southern Utah who suspect they may have unwanted spirits oozing around their home or business. Southern Utah Paranormal has teams in St. George and Cedar City ready to help. The team members are all volunteers who do not charge for their services. For more information, contact the Southern Utah Paranormal Society: [email protected].

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