Selenium Automation and its importance in detail


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Are you ready to learn more about selenium?

Do you have any idea what it is and why it is used?

If so, make sure to read the content till the end to get absolute answers. This is regardless of how automation testing has taken the world by storm. Selenium automation has become one of the most sought after skills on the market.

What is Selenium Automation?

Selenium is an open-source and automated tool that has been of great help to application developers. It is a valuable testing tool which is also considered Selenium Automation. If you are going to work as an app developer, Selenium Automation is an option you should be aware of. Before going any further, we would like to tell you one thing Selenium is not a one-size-fits-all tool. It is a collection of tools that caters to different parts of the Selenium Automation process. Whether you need to test Windows software or any mobile application, Selenium is an important tool that is going to be used everywhere.

What are the benefits of Selenium Automation?

Selenium is an open-source automation tool that offers users relief from the headache of spending money on licenses. It is one of the main automation tools used for testing a wide range of applications by app developers. The main advantages of this wonderful automation tool are:

  • It gives users the freedom to test scripts written in different programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, Ruby, C#, Perl, PHP and more.
  • One can easily perform the different testing processes on different operating systems such as Windows Mac or Linux.
  • Selenium gives users the freedom to perform different tests on different web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
  • Selenium can easily integrate with different tools such as JUnit and TestNG or efficiently manage different results and generate different reports,
  • To benefit from consistent testing processes, Selenium can be easily integrated with different tools such as Docker, Jenkins and Maven.

What are the disadvantages of Selenium Automation?

There are always two sides to a coin. Where Selenium Automation offers a wide range of opportunities for users, it also includes some restrictions that block the way. The main disadvantages of Selenium Automation are:

  • It doesn’t work well on desktop app or other software.
  • It is difficult to find guaranteed support for Selenium.
  • No tests can be performed on images using Selenium.
  • Selenium alone does not provide any native reporting functionality.

What is the need for software testing?

Whenever we hear about a software testing tool, the very first thing that comes to mind is why we need it. To solve your questions, let’s start with the simplest thing. We live in a world of technology. We are surrounded by machines and their behavior is controlled by the software that powers them. Yet machines do the task we assume they do, but they still do. Certainly not always.

And this is where software testing comes into being.

The majority of businesses have gone online today. The real success and growth of a business depends on the success rate of the application software.

What happens if a small bug accidentally slips into the site’s coding?

How are you going to find this bug and how are you going to prevent your coding from this in the future?

Software testing is a process that helps discover bugs if there are any and improve the functionality of software. It is a process that works consistently for improving the software so that users can enjoy it seamlessly.

Software testing processes are basically of two types:

  • Manual test
  • Automation testing

As the name suggests, manual testing is usually done by the testers themselves. It is a long process and the success rate is also quite low here. Automation testing is an automated process that involves the involvement of fewer human resources. The process is not error prone. The best thing about this testing process is that it can be used for frequent test execution and it also supports execution, functional testing and regression testing.


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