Saved By Bell Season 2 Star Reveals Origin Of Showgirls Tribute


Elizabeth Berkley Lauren explains in detail how the extended Showgirls tribute in Saved by the Bell Season 2 Episode 6 came about.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren explains the origin of her extension Showgirls tribute to Saved by the Bell season 2. The actress has a complicated history with the two ’90s projects. She first rose to prominence playing Jessie Spano in the high school sitcom Saved by the Bell, which lasted from 1989 to 1993. In 1995, in an attempt to take her career in a more daring and adult direction, she starred in the erotic exploitation melodrama Showgirls, the follow-up of director Paul Verhoeven Primary instinct. Even if Showgirls has achieved cult status since its premiere, it was typically vilified by the time of its release, leaving Berkley feeling alienated from Hollywood and struggling to keep a foothold on her new career.


In the second season of the Saved by the Bell reboot, which premiered in its entirety on November 24, 2021, there is an extended tribute to Elizabeth Berkley Laurens Showgirls the story. Jessie Spano is now divorced and needs to find the courage to flirt with a cute firefighter, so she channels the “some months“when she lived in Vegas after graduating from college. It involves dressing in one of the iconic outfits worn by her Showgirls Nomi Malone character.

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Talk with GE, Elizabeth Berkley explained the origin of this gag and what she thought of its inclusion in the series. The joke was an argument from the showrunner, who had never spoken with Berkley about her feelings about Showgirls and wanted to run the idea through her to make sure it suited her. Berkley explained that her feelings softened a bit with the film’s critical reassessment, and she wanted to show it, “I am aware of it and I love the way it has been adopted and it is a beautiful thing. “She also loved how the gag was incorporated at an important point in the character, positioning Nomi Malone as”Jessie’s fierce Sasha“alter ego where she can channel her self-confidence. Read the full quote below:

“The way in which [Showgirls] exists in pop culture today is different, of course, than when it was released. I just wanted to admit it, I’m aware of it and I love the way it’s been adopted and it’s a beautiful thing …

“[Showrunner Tracey Wigfield] came up to me and said, “Look, we’ve launched something this season. We’ve got this concept. We want to see what you think about it. If you obviously don’t want to do that, we’re just going to kill it here. … “

“First off, the outfit had to be perfect… We start the season where Jessie herself is in the midst of a life crisis and divorce. Her life is a bit of a mess. She’s trying to find one. Sense of Herself Again… But the stroke of genius of all time was that Tracey and the writers came to discover that a fun way for Jessie to find her inner strength was a mantra: What would Nomi do? And so, that’s what spawned that moment. Where would she find that ferocity? Let’s say her Sasha Fierce, in a way. Nomi is Jessie’s Sasha Fierce. What other genius could find that? …

“There are so many iconic looks for Nomi that we just said, ‘You know what? The stroke of genius would be to do the last hitchhiking scene “because that’s where she freed herself the most. And it’s an iconic look …

“We knew the visual cue had to be strong and not just give a suggestion, but [convey], “Oh yeah, we’re going…” It’s like, if we’re going to go, we’re going …

“There’s this generosity to the film and the celebration of the film among a new generation of creatives, and it’s exciting. You don’t experience it often. This moment loops with that. For me, the relationship with that is joyful. “

Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone Hitchhiking in Showgirls

Of course, this reference will fly over most young viewers. However, those who watch the series out of nostalgia for the original will certainly know. Showgirls has been a huge hurdle for Berkley’s career and his recognition of the good side of that experience should be a very satisfying one.

Saved by the Bell‘s Showgirls tribute, which was also complemented by one of the iconic lines of the film (“Where are you from? “” Different places. “), is just one of the many Easter eggs in the series. The series is very much aware of its history and legacy, using its reboot status as a bridge to the past, reinterpreting and modernizing it. It’s a testament to how good the writers are that they manage to do it in such an organic way that it serves the character’s arc and isn’t just a flashing gag that takes audiences out of the show world.

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