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Life has a way of rejecting some negative experiences, but from those dark times light and beauty can be found. No matter how strong you are, friends can be the crutch that keeps you from falling deeper. What would you do if your new friends were going through tough times as well? Would you be dragged along with them, or would you be the rock they desperately need? Bay Qu: Hundreds of melodies explores this idea with its bittersweet plot and lifelike imagery.

Developped by Magenta plant and published by Ratalaïka games, it’s a touching visual novel about love and friendship. A story that is supported by over a hundred CG images, BaI Qyou: Hundreds of melodies is fantastic to watch. It contains a ten hour long plot that has several endings to give the reader the impression that they are influencing the story.

It’s time to get uncomfortably close.

Bai Qu: hundreds of melodies is a well-paced and touching story.

The story is told through the eyes of Wei Qiuwu. He is a Chinese student who spends his summer visiting his father in the hospital. During his trip, he befriends another patient called Li Jiayun. She catches her imagination because of her love and talent for music. The plot takes you on a journey around the bustling city of Nanjing. Here, the couple are joined by many eccentric characters. The story escalates as Li Jiayun’s health deteriorates and Wei Quiwu becomes the crutch for his father and his new friend.

Bay Qu: Hundreds of melodies explores his ideas in a slow and relaxing way. The relationships between the characters have a real depth. This allows you to understand the bonds that form while enjoying the well-structured story. You will feel a range of emotions as it evolves and you may conflict with overly sexualized images. This story of love, loss and friendship is oddly juxtaposed with dirty images of tight tops, huge boobs, and sneaky underwear shots. It wasn’t offensive, and in some scenes it would do, but having him to his face a few times was a step too far.

Summer has taken a strange turn.

Limited choice of dialogue and poorly translated words.

I’m not a visual novel enthusiast, but I have played enough to know the normal structure. So it was odd that this one contained limited dialogue choices. There are several endings to experiment with, but I don’t see how the plot will change too much when your influence is reduced to a handful of options. I like when you get the chance to change the direction of the story as it gives you a sense of ownership over the plot. However, this visual novel looks like a traditional book from start to finish. It’s great if you want a relaxed and laid back experience, but for players who want a little more membership, it feels cold and distant.

I also instantly highlighted many bad grammar choices and incorrect uses of the opening scene words. Now that wasn’t a problem as I was able to read between the lines, but when a game relies solely on its text to sell its ideas, it should have been proofread at least once more. The wrong turns of phrase also have an impact on the emotional attachment to the main characters. The intention was clear in all the chapters, but the poorly translated text was sometimes cold and gave the protagonists a lack of depth.

Bai Qu: hundreds of melodies has a fantastic style.

Now, I might not like the constant sex imagery, but I like the CG art that is used throughout. These crisp images add realism and work perfectly with the plot. The touching narrative is enhanced by the true-to-life environment. In my experience, it’s rare for a visual novel to feature such detail. With clear influences from anime and manga, the female characters have larger-than-life assets that will appeal to many players. Animation is shown by small changes in facial expressions and images fading in and out of the shot. It’s basic but works well with the constant flow of text.

The audio adds a healthy atmosphere to this touching story. There are moments of drama and suspense and these reflect well with a sudden change in tempo and mood. The soundtrack acts as a nice distraction from the long, in-depth story.

Limited choices = simple control setup.

Is it real or a dream?

Have a drink, make yourself comfortable and rest your controller on your lap. Set the pace, select auto, and watch the text unfold before your eyes. With limited dialogue choices, the use of a controller is reduced to a minimum. You might as well just sit back, relax, and enjoy all that Bai Qu: hundreds of melodies offers.

With its multiple endings and plenty of CG images to see, this has some replay value. There is the option to ignore the text that has been consumed, so you don’t need to waste your time unnecessarily. The story captures your imagination, so rereading it is no chore. You will have to play it several times to unlock the twelve achievements. I suggest allowing about twenty hours to complete.

Bai Qu: hundreds of melodies is a wonderful story of friendship and sadness.

The well-written plot will resonate with most players, even if the translation is wrong. The beautiful pictures, matching audio, and slow pace let you relax and enjoy its many twists and turns. The skimpy outfits were a bit too far away and weren’t necessary, although I’m sure many players will appreciate the “artistic”. I enjoyed my time with it and recommend you buy it here! Sit back, relax, and soak up the beautiful imagery and touching intrigue.

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