Reticulated python curled up in a surfer’s chicken coop after jumping over a fence


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A reticulated python was caught on camera after stepping through a small opening in a surfer’s fence.

In a Facebook group post Wildlife sightings in Singaporea netizen by the name of Aaron Tyw shared that the python climbed through a small opening in the fence and made its way to his chicken coop.

In the video, the python could be seen lying on the chicken coop, curled up with its full body. As the camera rolled through the 21-second clip, the python could be seen dozing, followed by the carcass of a chicken on the ground below.

Reticulated pythons are among the most commonly seen snakes in Singapore. They are found in almost all habitats, from forests to mangroves and also in urban areas.

According, these snakes are about 10m long, but the ones we might see are usually much shorter and rarely exceed 5m. Among the longest snakes in the world, this powerfully muscled snake is non-venomous and kills by constricting its victims in its coils. Large adults can be dangerous to humans. Although not venomous, it can deliver a nasty, lacerating bite with its powerful jaws filled with long, sharp fangs. Don’t disturb a python. It has a nice net-like pattern (“reticulatus” means “net-like”) and scales that are iridescent in sunlight.

The reticulated python hunts small, warm-blooded animals and is said to eat almost anything it can catch, from mice and rats to deer and pigs. Good climber, even arborists are not immune. He is also an excellent swimmer. It is considered a pest in poultry farms. And it’s mostly nocturnal.

Others who commented on the post urged Mr Aaron to contact the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES).

In the comments, Mr. Aaron updated that the python had indeed been captured and sent to ACRES. When weighed, it was around 8kg and less than 3m long, he said.

Watch the python video here.

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