Railtown AI Technologies Inc. expands its offering with the launch of Root Cause Discovery for Javascript


Railtown CTO Marwan Haddad said, “It is crucial to find all problems at their root cause and reduce software engineering inefficiencies, improve application health, eliminate critical and damaging bugs and to increase the speed of developers”.

Railtown AI Technologies Inc. announced the release of Railtown Root Cause Discovery for JavaScript, the most popular programming language with over 12 million developers worldwide.

In a statement, Railtown CEO Cory Brandolini said, “This new deployment of Railtown for JavaScript is part of our overall strategy to apply our machine learning engine to all applications built in any language. of programming, thereby providing the most accurate single source of truth to the root cause of any error or bug in any application”.

Root cause analysis is a useful process for understanding and solving a problem.

“Catching all problems at their root cause is crucial and this will reduce software engineering inefficiencies, improve application health, eliminate critical and damaging bugs, and increase developer speed,” said Marwan Haddad , Chief Technology Officer at Railtown.

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The Burnaby, BC-based company pointed out that JavaScript runs on more than 150 million apps and over 1.5 billion websites, according to ZDNET. Therefore, Railtown said adding a JavaScript solution to the company’s product line that includes its .NET solution exposes the Railtown machine learning platform to an “even bigger and broader market.” of developers and applications”.

Being able to service both .NET, which is one of the most popular backend programming languages, and JavaScript, which is the most popular front end programming language, uniquely positions Railtown as the single source of truth. for root cause discovery for the backend and interface of any application, the company noted.

Railtown has developed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for software development teams that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to drive optimizations and provide insights at every stage of software development.

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