Python crawls under a car full of tourists, see what happened next


The vault of viral videos on the Internet often shows truly fascinating videos featuring human encounters with deadly animals. One of these videos was recently shared on YouTube by a channel called “Latest Sightings”. This latest upload to the channel which was shared on July 7 featured a tourist encounter with a python in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The 1.21 minute clip begins with an image of a python moving in the middle of a road. A car of tourists, who were on a safari expedition, stops their vehicle to film this sight but suddenly the snake begins to move towards them. It slowly crawls under the vehicle and enters the engine compartment from below.

According to the description shared with the video, currently it is the winter season in parts of Africa and snakes are coming out of homes in search of warmth. Since the engines of the cars are hot, incidents of snakes slipping into the engine bay become a very common incident during the season.

People sitting in the car can be heard talking to other passersby about the snake entering the car’s engine before the video switches to a picture of the python lying on the engine in the hood of the car.

At first, the driver of this forest safari vehicle sought help from another guide, but soon other people came together in this rescue operation as well. The snake was rescued and later released to its natural home without any injury.

Since being shared online, the video has garnered more than 1.5 lakh views on YouTube, along with several user comments praising the act of saving the snake.

Meanwhile, some users have also dropped their comments mentioning similar encounters with the snake. “It happened to me with a Burmese python. Fun fact: he escaped the day before and got up under a (neighbors) minibus. While driving, people saw the snake and honk while shouting, you have a snake in your car! One user wrote in one of the comments

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