Programming projects with Python, Scratch, Processing, Sonic Pi, Lua and Julia


2D space shooters, painting programs or electronic drum rhythms: there are many exciting projects with which you can get a taste of the programming world and quickly celebrate your first successes. But not all languages ​​are equally suitable for all projects. This article introduces six languages ​​and shows examples of what is potentially possible with Scratch, Processing, Sonic Pi, Python, Lua, and Julia. For a more in-depth reading, it refers to programming projects from the heise universe. In it, you will learn more about the advantages and characteristics of the respective languages ​​and complete your first code experiences.

The visual programming language Scratch marks the beginning. You can use it to assemble programs from colored blocks of code using drag and drop – in this specific case a simple translator with speech output is created. Even children can do this with a little parental help and without a lot of programming experience. Entry into treatment is also at a very low threshold. This language is well suited to graphics applications, as the practical example shows: Here, with about 50 lines of code, a first paint program is created which provides the most important functions for creative work on the virtual canvas. Sonic Pi is also great for creatives. With the language created by Sam Aaron and a little skill, you can program music: from a simple piano melody to a full song – Sonic Pi brings the necessary virtual instruments with you.

For anyone who is already familiar with basic programming concepts and would like to get acquainted with other languages, our projects on Python, Lua and Julia are ideal. Our Python project “pgz Blaster” shows in three parts how to program an action-packed 2D space shooter. At the end of each part of the series, there is an executable version which brings more and more functions and visual improvements with increasing versioning.

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