Programming languages: Python just took a big step forward


Python, the programming language that found its way into machine learning, is now the most popular language, according to a popularity ranking.

The popularity of programming languages ​​increases and decreases over the years, depending on their support and adoption which is affected by big technological changes like the web, smartphones and the Internet of Things.

And it looks like Python is winning these days, in part because of the boom in data science and its ecosystem of machine learning software libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Google’s TensorFlow, and Facebook’s PyTorch.

Python is also an easy-to-learn language that has found a niche in high-end hardware, but less in mobile devices and the web, an issue Python creator Guido van Rossum hopes to address through performance improvements. on which he works at Microsoft.

Tiobe, a Dutch software quality assurance company, has been tracking the popularity of programming languages ​​for 20 years. Its rankings are based on programming-related search terms and are a measure of languages ​​developers should consider learning, along with the IEEE Spectrum listing and a ranking produced by developer analyst RedMonk.

JavaScript, the default for front-end web development, is always at the top of RedMonk’s list. For Tiobe, its business orientation has seen Java and C dominate in recent years, but Python has followed Java and has now surpassed it.

“For the first time in over 20 years, we have a new leader in the peloton: the Python programming language. Java and C’s long-standing hegemony is over, ”wrote Paul Jansen, chief executive of Tiobe Software.

“Python, which started out as a simple scripting language, as an alternative to Perl, has grown to maturity. Its ease of learning, huge amount of libraries, and widespread use in all kinds of fields have made it the language most popular programming today, ”Jensen wrote.

Tiobe’s ranking clashes with other clues on the JavaScript issue, but it is in line with Python and Java as the most popular languages. From time to time, its business orientation yields interesting results, such as the recent resurgence of Fortran – a language devised by IBM in the 1950s that is still widely used in fields relying on the supercomputers used at the Department of Justice. Energy and NASA among other major scientific organizations.

Python’s jump to the top spot in the Tiobe index is the result of other languages ​​falling in searches rather than the rise of Python. With an 11.27% search share, it was stable, while second language C fell 5.79% percentage points from October last year to 11.16%. Java gave way to Python with a drop of 2.11 percentage points to 10.46%.

Other languages ​​that were in the top 10 of the Tiobe index for October 2021 included C ++, C #, Visual Basic, JavaScript ,. SQL, PHP and assembly language.

Go, the digital analytics frontrunner, MATLAB and Fortran, have also increased year over year and are in the top 20.

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