Path of radicalization: in the case studies, finding similarities


Routh, who says he’s a Republican who backed Trump, maintains his brother and others like him were frightened by the prospect of Biden’s victory. Before January 6, Routh said: “We were last told – what? – seven, eight months that if the Democrats take control, we lose our country, okay? This scares a lot of people. “

He says he understands the anxiety of Trump supporters who fear the country will radicalize to the left. He has friends in the oil fields and in the pipeline industry who are unsure “if they will be able to feed their families again.” As Routh crisscrossed the country as a truck driver, he says the idea that Trump would lose his re-election seemed unfathomable given that virtually everyone he met, wherever he went, was pushing “Trump, Trump, Trump” .

When Routh looks at photos of Jensen and the group he was with on January 6, he sees no determination to physically injure anyone or vandalize the building. And despite the QAnon T-shirt, and despite claiming to the FBI that he was “all about a revolution,” Routh insists his brother was more of a follower than a leader. Jensen is not among those charged with conspiracy or being part of a militia, and although prosecutors say he had a pocket knife with him, his attorney says it was work and he didn’t never released it.

“He had a lot of influence from everyone out there,” Routh said in the summer as he awaited a judge’s ruling on his brother’s bail application. “And he’s always been the kind of kid who says, ‘I can do this. “”

Two days after the riot, back home in Iowa, Jensen walked 6 miles (9.66 kilometers) to the Des Moines Police Department after seeing him featured in chaos videos, testifies later an FBI agent. There, the FBI says, he made statements now at the center of the case, including admitting to chasing Goodman down the stairs, which he yelled “hit me.” I’ll take him ”as the officer raised a baton to back him up and screamed profane for the arrests of heads of government.

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