MUTANT PYTHON (2021) Review and Free to Watch Online


Mutant Python is a 2021 Chinese monster film that revolves around a village targeted by a vengeful serpent god.

Directed by Er Dong from a screenplay written by Zhuang Qin, the film stars Yue Yueli, Ye Siqi, Jia Kangxi and Jia Kangxi (The Centipede Disaster; The Book of Mythical Beasts; Supernatural events).

Residents of a remote mountain village in northern Fujian are panicked. On Dong Wenhui and Qian Xiuchen’s wedding day, the groom’s father was tragically swallowed by a huge python. When Dong Wenlin threw the corpse of the snake on the altar, the python king swore revenge…

“This is the closest I’ve ever seen to a Chinese version of Tremors. Not nearly as good, obviously, but the way these disparate characters come together to fight off the threat is quite endearing. […] All told, it’s fun, and the novel’s setting certainly reinforces its merits. Rating: B flash movie

The film’s story originated from the primitive snake culture in northern Fujian. According to legend, since the Qin and Han dynasties, ancestors believed in snakes as the god of ancestors and worshiped them as totems. They do not fight snakes or eat snake meat. This custom has been preserved to this day, and many ancient myths have also been derived from it. Among them, the legend of ‘The Long Snake Immortal Marries His Wife’ is the most popular and The mutant python is based on this adaptation.


Technical details:
1 hour 14 minutes

Original title:
变异巨蟒 “Mutant Python”


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