Machers share their resolutions for 2022


Philadelphia Jews: If you’ve sinned since Yom Kippur, this is your second secular chance to reset for a new calendar year.

It’s time to make New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. The Philadelphia-area Jewish machers, or the people who get things done, have been kind enough to share their promises for the coming year.

Michael Balaban, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia (Courtesy of Michael Balaban)

Michael Balaban, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

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“An Old Jewish Story: Mendel Meets David. He said, ‘I don’t have much time today, my friend, so tell me, in a nutshell, how is life?’ “David said, ‘In a nutshell? Good.’ “Mendel said, ‘Give me a few more details. In short, how’s life? ‘ “David replies, ‘In two words? Not good.’

“When I was asked for my New Year’s resolution this year, I remembered this story. Our world today seems to be swimming in turmoil. Many respond by lamenting and turning inward. My resolution is to lean more outward – to things much bigger than myself – to my family, my friends, my community and my prayer.

Rabbi Eliott N. Perlstein, Ohev Shalom of Bucks County

“I intend to venture further and more often out of my comfort zone.

Rabbi Binyomin Davis, Aish Chaim

“I decide to be kinder and more considerate to those with whom I don’t agree.”

Sophie Don, Senior Director of Programs, Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation

“I am motivated to continue telling the stories of Jewish and non-Jewish victims of Nazi persecution and of current victims of bigotry and anti-Semitism.

“Personally, I have high hopes for a healthy and secure year 2022! I would love to spend time with my family and friends, and hope I will feel safe traveling again.

Allan Domb, Philadelphia At-Large City Council Member

“We must remain committed to solving the epidemic of violence – there is nothing more important than reducing and preventing gun violence in our city.

“We have to think differently than before and use all the tools at our disposal. This includes using our academic experts to help us evaluate our efforts, deploying technological surveillance and being smarter than those causing problems, and examining innovative DNA analyzes to help solve crimes and help prosecutors.

Alan Scher, CEO, Kaiserman JCC

“At JCC, we are starting a strategic plan in 2022 with a series of conversations dreaming about our future.

“As a result, I will put my attentive ears to remind preschoolers to put their heads on when I read the stories, and I will try to be as present as possible with my mind, body and spirit to them. all the new connections, ideas and wisdom. available to us throughout Philadelphia
Jewish community. “

Ben Waxman, downtown resident and Democratic Primary candidate for the 182nd district seat of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

“My resolution is that we have to make a commitment in 2022 to taking care of each other, even people we don’t know.

“We are at a frightening time with a dramatic increase in positive COVID cases. The only way to get through this latest phase of the virus is for the world to resolve to come together, trust the science, and take the necessary action to contain and end the pandemic. “

Gabby Kaplan-Mayer, Program Manager, Jewish Learning Venture

“My intention for 2022 is to continue to innovate with all of our Jewish Learning Venture programs to find ways to make the Jewish community even more inclusive and supportive for all families raising Jewish children, especially those who have felt marginalized in some way. way either.

“I also hope to find new ways to support the great colleagues I work with. Personally, I am excited for a new year full of spiritual growth, discovery, pleasure.
and creativity.

Daniel Israel, owner of Deluxe Catering

“Personally, they say never trust a skinny chef, but my goal is to eat healthier, climb 100 flights of stairs on the StairMaster four times a week, and lose 60 pounds.

“For my business and the Jewish community, my resolutions are not just to expand the catering business and event organization, but to grow to the point that we can be philanthropic for the following year.

“My other resolution is to use only compostable products for the business, as well as changing all of my suppliers to be as local as possible to support other local businesses. “

Pennsylvania Attorney General and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro (Courtesy Josh Shapiro)

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania attorney general and Democratic gubernatorial candidate

“In 2022, my resolution is to spend as much time as possible with my family while continuing to do everything in my power to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians.”

Polly Edelstein, Program Manager, Tribu 12

“Continue to build and deepen meaningful connections with our constituents, past, present and future, as Tribe 12 looks to 2022 with optimism and hope.

“My personal goal is to have more (safe) dinners. “

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