Lesotho: Minister of Communications launches information center


Minister of Communication Science and Technology, Mr. Tšoinyane Rapapa, on Thursday celebrated the launch of the Vodacom Foundation Insight Centre, a library for the blind and visually impaired worth 2 million.

In his remarks, Mr Rapapa praised the Vodacom Foundation for bringing digital literacy to ensure that the visually impaired person does not feel left out.

He noted that the government sees digital inclusion for the visually impaired as a human rights issue that needs to be given special attention in legislation, policies and guidelines.

He pointed out that this noble gesture portrays the country as a caring nation, saying the quality of any nation is judged by its ability to care for its most vulnerable.

He said the ministry is challenged and encouraged to work with the private sector and tech NGOs to specifically promote these innovations in our global, regional and local trade shows, seminars, competitions and symposia.

“For many years, what we call resources for the visually impaired were limited only to things that help them perform basic life functions such as walking, cooking, bathing, etc.,” he said. declared.

He therefore credited the information center for basing its technology on Braille as pioneering an original invention for the visually impaired.

He expressed his gratitude to Vodacom management, staff and everyone else who made this possible, saying the doors of his ministry remain open to ideas to enable them to create socially relevant solutions.

Also speaking, the Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture said she was delighted to attend the launch of the revamped section of the State Library and Archives which has been reserved for blind and visually impaired people .

He noted that this section not only looks good, but more importantly, it now provides the much desired and responsive services to the blind.

She further noted that the law is in line with the precepts of Article 18(4) of the African Charter on Peoples’ Rights of June 1981, which provides persons with disabilities with a friendly environment that allows them to realize their full potential.

She praised people with blindness and visual impairment for their courage and commitment to succeed against all odds.

In the same vein, the CEO of Vodacom Lesotho Foundation, Mr. John Matlosa, said that it is rewarding to have a positive impact on people’s lives, saying that their mandate as Vodacom Lesotho Foundation was to give back to the community and mainly to vulnerable people.

He thanked the Basotho for their unwavering support, saying it would not have been a success, thus expressing hope that this center of insight will help the Basotho in the long run.

Mr. Matlosa appealed to the various cooperatives in the country to work hand in hand to give back to the community, noting that he would like all districts to have the center.

It is the first center of its nature in the country.

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