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Coding is now more common than ever before, and many jobs now require at least a basic understanding of one or more languages. One of the most popular and useful coding languages ​​is Python, and it is also one of the best languages ​​for beginners. Right now you can get Coding Gears Python Programming & Git Certification Package
for only $ 29.

With 29 hours of content, you’ll move from novice level to expert level concepts like machine learning at a dramatically accelerated pace. You will gain a good knowledge base on topics like object oriented coding and fundamentals like variables, data types, etc.

You will also learn Git, which is an essential add-on to Python and allows you to upload code to a website called GitHub. GitHub is almost universally used within the coding community because it allows you to store your information in the cloud and share it with other programmers. GitHub will allow you to get feedback from others and learn from other users to improve your work.

Finally, YAML, the data serialization language commonly used to store or transmit data, is explained in its own lesson. Learning YAML, because of its cohesion within a Python framework, is a great added value, which will help you make the most of your programming knowledge.

With thousands of happy students already, there’s no reason to wait to start learning Python with Coding Gears. You can get the Python Programming & Git Certification Pack for $ 29.

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