Learn JavaScript and Become a Game Development Pro for $ 30


Learn the skills to become a top game developer with the JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle. This set is on sale now for $ 30 and gives you access to eight courses led by developer and industry expert Laurence Svekis. It’s only $ 3.75 per class. Needless to say, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

And what a life it will be when you learn to develop games like Svekis. It will teach you how to create interactive web page content with JavaScript DOM manipulation, which is what industry professionals do every day. You will also get a complete introduction to drawing with JavaScript on HTML5 Canvas Element. Dive deeper into building components and dynamic content before moving straight to building games from scratch.

Do you like PacMan? Here is your chance to emulate one of the best games in history. You will learn how to create your own game in the same style using JavaScript DOM. Not only will you get a step-by-step education in game development, but you’ll also get design lessons, which can really make or break the experience (but you already knew that). Another 5-star course walks you through creating dynamic math games with JavaScript. Soon you will be able to randomize content and perform calculations with just a few clicks.

Would you rather play against your friends or watch them compete against each other on a game you developed yourself? Skip a few gaming sessions and learn how to make profitable games that your friends will play later.

Right now, you can get the DOM JavaScript Game Developer Pack for $ 30, down 98% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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