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People interested in programming are often looking for Java and Python languages. No wonder they are the most popular on the Eu Capacito site: the list of the most viewed courses in July has Java in first place and Python in second. The Come Programming in Java course is an introduction for anyone who wants to start programming in this language.

The platform, founded in 2020, brings together more than 100 training courses divided into four themes: digital literacy, technology, interpersonal skills and entrepreneurship. It already has more than 160,000 registrations.

Created by Movimento Brasil Digital, Eu Capacito is a social project run by Instituto IT Mídia. Its objective is to train professionals in the digital economy. The trainings are free and aim to develop technological skills in conceptual, technical or tooling aspects, as well as other important capacities for business life or entrepreneurship.

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Another highlighted course is cybersecurity. The professional with this training is responsible for the protection of information stored digitally in companies and this is increasingly necessary. Remember that last year the number of cyber attacks was higher than the last 15 years combined.

Here are some of the most popular courses in July:

1 – Come and program in Java

First on the list, the course has a 6 hour workload and is offered by Oracle.

2 – Python

With a workload of 80 hours, the second place is led by the Faculty of Informatics and Administration of São Paulo (Fiap). Certificate of offer.

3 – User experience (UX)

In this course, those interested in learning the introductory content have the opportunity to create prototypes. FIAP is responsible.

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4 – Cybersecurity

These experts are increasingly appreciated. The course is from IBM.

5 – Business intelligence (BI)

Another Fiap training: professionals in the field structure data with dimensional modeling.

6 – Take your first steps with Python

Another appearance of the Python language in this list. Created by Microsoft, the course is introductory for those who want to understand this language a little more.

7 – Customer experience management

With 40 hours of content, this Fiap training reveals the customer journey, the concept of omnichannel, CRM and neuromarketing.

8 – How to speak in public

In one hour of class, Google presents techniques and tips for a successful presentation.

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9 – Design Thinking

This option is for those who want to learn the tools and strategies of this method. It is proposed by FIAP.

10 – Emotional balance in the age of uncertainty

Mental health has become important because of COVID-19. The arrival of the pandemic has affected personal and professional relationships. Offered by EY, although new to the platform, the course is already one of the most sought after.

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