How to tune your guitar using Google search


All guitarists know the difficulty of tuning a guitar. Fortunately, Google has a built-in search tuner. Here is how to use it.


Guitarists will know that when you want to tune your guitar, you need to purchase a separate guitar tuner or download a specialized app on your phone. You’ll be happy to know that instead of downloading a mobile app, you can use the built-in Google Guitar Tuner right into Google Search.

Google’s Tuner is a great feature to help players tune their guitars without having to rely on a mobile app or carry a tuner with them. Here we will see how to use the Google tuner to tune a guitar.

How to tune a guitar with Google search

It is easy and efficient to tune a guitar with the Google tuner. All you’ll need is a device with a microphone and an internet connection to get started. Here’s how to tune your guitar using Google search.

1. Open the Google tuner


To find the tuner, just search for “Google Tuner” in the search bar. You can also search for it on your phone using your browser or the Google app.

The interface is fairly straightforward and guitarists will find it fairly easy to use. You may need to grant microphone permissions before you can use the tuner.

2. Tune your guitar


Once you have activated your device’s mic, the tuner will start listening to the guitar. Just pluck any string and it will tell you the current note you are playing.

In the screenshot above, I’m tuning the low E string of my acoustic guitar, and as you can see it’s a half step higher than it should be. Google’s tuner also tells you whether you need to ‘tune’ or ‘tune’, which is a handy feature for beginners.

The flat and pointed symbols on each side indicate whether the strings should be tightened or loosened. It works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, as long as you have a microphone connected to your computer.

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The visual indicator is very responsive and tells you whether you need to tighten or loosen the strings.

Can Google’s tuner replace physical guitar tuners?

Probably not. Google’s tuner is pretty basic in its functionality. It doesn’t offer polyphonic tuning, for example. You must tune each string individually.

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If you want maximum precision, a strobe guitar tuner would be a better choice. However, if you want to replace this guitar tuning app on your phone, Google’s Tuner is a suitable replacement.

Enjoy your music!

Learning the guitar is a fun and rewarding experience. With this handy tool, you can easily tune your guitar in no time, without having to rely on separate apps to tune your guitar or purchase a guitar tuner.

If you want to avoid making too much noise while practicing, you can always put on your headphones. It is one of the best instruments to practice without making too much noise.

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Want to avoid complaining about noise when learning a new instrument? Consider purchasing the electric version instead.

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