Grey’s Anatomy S18 Finally Remembers It Knows How To Be Fun


Python’s story from Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 13 reflects the absurd and funny cases of patients from the heights of Grey’s Anatomy that involved many doctors.

Warning: SPOILERS for Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 13 coming soon.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18’s viewership may have been steadily declining compared to its past and even Season 17, but Episode 13 showed that the medical drama still knows how to be fun. While Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 17 and 18 didn’t forget to focus on the staff at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital as a whole, they also tended to focus on individual characters and their development. In place, Grey’s Anatomy episode 13 of season 18 managed to show how the ABC drama always knows how to put its characters in incredible crises told in a way that can be fun and entertaining and show how they work together in a quintessential Grey’s Anatomy way.


Despite being known for its drama and putting its characters in unlikely situations and disasters, Grey’s Anatomy has always been able to weave humorous scenes with accuracy, even in scenarios dealing with matters of life and death. The approach to all the drama that Meredith and Cristina faced had always been to “dance it” and, more generally, to look at the funny sides of any worrying situation. As Grey’s Anatomy season 17 decided to portray the real crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic in the fictional world of Gray Sloan Memorial, it lost its humor, as it had to focus on an ongoing global crisis that has killed millions of people and should do so with respect.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 episode 13, “Put the Squeeze on Me,” had one of its central storylines about Ivan, a second-grade teacher brought to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital by her boyfriend after his pet Burmese python bit him and started coiling around him in feeding time. By presenting a bizarre case involving a patient, the episode echoed a time when Grey’s Anatomy did it more often while approaching it in a fun and comedic way. This not only placed the doctors far out of their comfort zone, revealing Link and Amelia’s fear of snakes and Winston’s fascination and knowledge of them, but it also introduced a potentially heavy storyline about Richard’s future. Webber as a surgeon.

Grey's Anatomy S18E13 Python

The episode reflected Grey’s Anatomy season 8, episode 18, when victims of a lion attack were brought to the hospital, still called Seattle Grace Mercy West at the time, after one of them kept him as a pet company named Kirby. Grey’s Anatomy The python storyline for Season 18 Episode 13 reflected this not only because Ivan’s boyfriend kept referring to the snake as Gigi, the name Ivan gave him, but also for Bailey’s pragmatic approach. Both situations were highly unlikely and absurd, but also saw the hospital react to them as a whole, with doctors called outside, where Ivan and Gigi were and could not be moved, for consultations, and the feeling general that was the case the whole hospital was talking about.

How the story was told in such a typical way Grey’s Anatomy way not only reflected the ridiculousness of it, but also on the ripples it produced. When Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) suggested to a resident a procedure that could have resulted in the patient’s death from an oversight, he began to think that he might no longer be fit to work in an operating room. Webber’s request for a physical and cognitive evaluation to be sure of his place as a surgeon was a consequence of both this error and the failure of the Webber method, which also led resident Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli ) to leave medicine.

While Webber leaving Gray Sloan Memorial is still undecided, the fact that his request for evaluation was prompted by such a bizarre case reflects how Grey’s Anatomy dealt with these great events in the past. In addition to being crises that nearly every main character had an opinion or was actually involved in, they also ended up having long-lasting repercussions for the protagonists. Grey’s Anatomy The python season 18 episode 13 storyline may be as absurd as the previous ones, but it also reminded viewers how Grey’s Anatomy season 18 can still be as fun as it was.

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