Essential roles and skills in cloud computing


How to become a cloud administrator? : Essential roles and skills in cloud computing

Average salary (per year): US $ 90,000

Roles and responsibilities: A cloud administrator is one who plans, defines, and manages all kinds of cloud-based workloads for businesses. The candidate must design Cloud architectures and strategies and manage the tasks of a Cloud architect. Sometimes the administrator needs to do some coding to manage multiple cloud environments. It is essential to lead, supervise and maintain a multi-user IT environment in organizations. An administrator is a go-to person to help with system problems and upgrade operating systems.


  • Familiar with Windows, Linux and Unix computing environments
  • Understanding of the CLI tool, virtualization platforms such as Hyper-V, VMware, KVM and many more
  • Strong technical knowledge in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Solid technical basis
  • Hands-on experience in operating and managing a cloud platform
  • Sufficient knowledge of programming languages ​​such as Perl, Python and Ruby as well as application level security methods.
  • Experience with Avamar, Dell EqualLogic, Veeam and VMAX

Best Online Courses:

Udemy Azure Cloud Administrator Certification: This course teaches the different Cloud services available on Microsoft Azure with 10 sections, 60 lectures in 7 hours of video on demand. Candidates can gain knowledge of cloud storage services such as blob or queue file storage, database services such as CosmosDB and SqlDB as well as Azure CLI. There are projects to better understand like storage, hosting a website in the cloud, WordPress, etc.

Cloud Credential Council Professional Cloud Administrator Certification: The certified course covers the basic components of a cloud administrator’s functions and the essential skills in 8 modules. It helps candidates apply the underlying administrative concepts in an enterprise cloud computing environment. The program includes types of cloud environments, cloud capacity planning, cloud administration technologies as well as cloud provisioning.

Global Knowledge Cloud Administrator: Candidates can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to operate effectively in the cloud and other cloud administration services. It also provides solutions for network, system and database administration, cloud administration and technology. The program covers cloud provisioning and administration, cloud bursting, cloud interoperability, performance measurement, and more.

Main institutes offering the program:

  • Bachelor of Science in Cloud Computing from WGU
  • Bachelor of Cloud Computing from Purdue Global
  • Masters in Enterprise and Cloud Computing from Stevens Institute of Technology

The best recruiters for this position:

Infosys: Infosys is recognized as a global leader in digital services and consulting in more than 50 countries. He aims to navigate the digital transformation of multiple companies with more than three decades of practical experience and successful cases. Infosys uses an AI-powered heart to prioritize the execution of digital change.

Google: Google is one of Silicon Valley’s most popular and largest tech giants with products to create opportunity for everyone around the world. It serves several technologies and products to make people’s lives easier by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Amdoc: Amdocs provides creativity and technology to enrich the life of a progressive society in over 85 countries with major players in the communications and media industry. A portfolio of cloud-native, open and dynamic digital solutions effectively drives business growth in the cloud environment.

Teradata: Teradata was recently named a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Cloud Data Warehouse because it challenges the world’s expectations for analytics. It provides intelligent responses in real time by exploiting 100% of the relevant data thanks to Pervasive Data Intelligence. She has worked with over 75 countries in telecommunications, media and entertainment, finance, life sciences, healthcare, retail and many more.

Nokia: Nokia is one of the world’s most popular telecommunications and software services companies that creates technology to help the world act together and is committed to innovation and technological leadership in cloud networks. It helps build the capacities needed for a more productive, sustainable and inclusive world through Nokia Bell Labs.

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