erez nevi pana installs flora fauna, a choreographed plant circus


Israeli designer erez nevi pana defines himself as an explorer who uses design to study phenomena through experimentation with materials. himself a vegan, nevi pana has adapted his deep respect for life to his design methodology, where he refuses to use any type of product containing animal traces. ‘compared to my doctorate. research that deals with veganism in design, I try to explore and offer alternatives to the use of animal components in materials and processes in the design world, ‘ he told designboom.

for his latest project flora fauna, erez nevi pana created a commentary on the exploitation of animals in circuses with a plant based installation.

flora fauna was initiated when tal erez and anat safran – the jerusalem design week curators – approached erez nevi pana to create something related to this year’s theme: circus and escape. “As we have had to slow down over the past year and a half, we have become more aware of the basic and essential needs of life”, He continued. “After some time dealing with restrictions on kilometers traveled, isolation during the epidemic, compensatory mechanisms began to develop and the urge to escape to comforting physical places intensified. the breakout these days has reached a new high. nature and gardens did not disappoint and functioned as a place of refuge, a fertile and heartwarming bubble in a surreal time for metamodern society.

erez nevi pana installs flora fauna, a choreographed plant circus

flora fauna showcases this escape by creating a space filled with blueprints where visitors to Design Week can escape in a peaceful place that trains awareness and invites meditation. the garden itself is the vegetable circus where plants with animal names dance in a choreographed fashion. equipped with sensors and motors, the formation of the garden corresponds to the circus. for example, a plant called elephant ears sits next to a moose horn and stork beak, creating a visual effect that sits between the figurative and the abstract, the visible and the hidden, the conscious and the subconscious.

erez nevi pana installs flora fauna, a choreographed plant circus

the plant show lasts as long as a certain distance from the show animals is maintained. the sensors act as a protection for the plant circus, pausing it when the safe space is breached. the plants then ask visitors to take a step back and keep the emptiness on which nature insists.

erez nevi pana installs flora fauna, a choreographed plant circus

“The choice of a herbal performance as an allegory of the potential of earthly paradise enriches our perspective – towards ourselves and fills us with empathy for these species that live among us”, erez nevi pana concludes. ‘the garden, openly offering a seductive harmony and a conscious progression, invites the visitor to relate to the moral, the fundamental and the authentic and leads us to a dimension devoid of superiority, exploitation, imprisonment or dehumanization . on the contrary, it conditions the escape through a performance of a harmonious space between disparities. ‘

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