Edmonton Oilers at the Seattle Kraken


Poot. Final score: 2-1 Kraken in overtime

The Edmonton Oilers faced off against the Seattle Kraken for the second time this preseason and I have the breakdown of all the notable things that happened in tonight’s game. As a lineup note, I won’t do the usual wrap-up format you’ll see during the regular season, but instead focus on some of the things that stood out to me overall. I will get back to the normal schtick though when we start for real on October 13th.


  • Has Brendan Perlini scored again? Yes. Yes he did. The guy is on a radiator of all radiators this week and while I have no idea what Perlini would be capable of doing against NHL rosters during the regular season, here at the time of tune-up the guy shines like a diamond with his size, speed and willingness to shoot the puck. Do you hear Rihanna sing it? Of course you can. That’s how hot Lamborghini Perlini is right now.
  • I can’t wait to see how Stuart Skinner plays out with another AHL year under his belt, as it was very clear against the Kraken that there was a player there. For many of us who were hoping for a goalie to come off the prospect list, Skinner has the potential to make some noise in this department and I will be cheering him on as he continues on that path to become a regular player. of the NHL. . Looking at his performance, I thought Skinner played incredibly well and made the kind of saves you need from your goalie and he probably deserved a better spell than the one he got. I hope he has a great season in the American Hockey League.
  • Kailer Yamamoto had a solid game and probably should have scored at least a goal or two considering the chances he created for himself with his speed and tenacity, but even if he wasn’t, I wanted him. say effort anyway. It’s no secret that we need a big year from Yamamoto and it’s nice to see him work hard to get to the places on the ice where it can happen. I believe.
  • Zach Hyman is gonna be fun to watch, man, I’m telling you. The way he is chessing forward and digging pucks in the corners means Connor McDavid is going to have more time on offense and that can only mean bad news for the opposition. I already like the guy; favorite of Halloween fans.
  • Last season in Sweden Philip Broberg didn’t play much over the year and I can’t wait to see what he does with more minutes and a bigger role at Bakersfield. We all know how much longer defenders can take to get to the show, but I think this year will be a huge opportunity for him to really show what he can do and prove to everyone that he was a steal # 8 overall in the 2019 NHL standings. Draft.
  • To stay with the Swedes, Filip Berglund had a calm and stable evening at the back and I was particularly impressed with his positioning on some quality occasions against. It wasn’t that he made flashy plays or that he was perfect in any way, but I thought he made some smart choices on both sides of the puck that allowed the game to move in the right direction.
  • I encourage Tyler Benson to take a spot on the list, but I just don’t see him performing for opening night. Even though I think he has played well so far in the preseason, I don’t know if he has done enough to stand out from guys like Perlini or Sceviour. I think Benson will be called back at some point in the season, but I think he will have to wait a bit. What do you think?
  • Derek Ryan is a smart player and it will be great to see him play 10 quiet minutes in the last six. Last season, the Oilers depth players were far from chaotic and it would be a blessing not to have to worry every time someone who wasn’t named Connor or Leon was on the ice.
  • Seattle had a lot more NHL players in their roster than in the first round of the preseason, and I think that gave us a much better idea of ​​how players like Benson, Marody, and McLeod face an opponent. that they would see a few times this season.
  • Speaking of Ryan McLeod, I was hoping to see a little more offense from him in the preseason than what we’ve gotten so far because I’m worried about the height of his offensive cap at the level of the NHL, especially with its place in the roster. like it’s gonna happen when we actually go there. That said, I thought his line was one of the best in the Oilers, as this line did a decent job of building pressure and turning it into scoring opportunities.
  • Jordan Eberle looked very handsome in his uni, and I actually think the Kraken did a really good job with his jersey and colors.
  • There was a great atmosphere at the Everett arena, and it seemed like it would have been great to be there for this one.


Next, the Oilers will face the Winnipeg Jets for a rematch following Wednesday night’s loss. The game will take place at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and will again air on the Oilers website.

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