Create games and master coding at the same time with this set of on-sale lessons


They say the best way to learn is to do, and when it comes to learning to code, there’s no better way to get educated than by making games. It can be counterintuitive to play around with a programming language you’re not familiar with, but you’ll actually be able to absorb concepts faster if you see them implemented immediately.

The JavaScript DOM Game Developer is a 50-hour course bundle that will help you master coding fundamentals and start a career as a web developer with courses on JavaScript DOM, coding, HTML 5 canvas, and more. The fun part is you learn all of these concepts by creating all kinds of fun games and projects. For a limited time, you can benefit from a 98% reduction on the whole.

Led by seasoned instructor, GDE, and app developer Laurence Svekis rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, this bundle has everything you need to start a career in web development. Svekis’ apps have entertained, informed, and engaged tens of millions of people, so you know you’re learning the real deal.

HTML 5 Canvas Courses will allow you to develop games such as Pong, Falling Items Catcher, Bubble Popper, Brick Breakout, and Battle Bots, which will then teach you how to upload images from your computer to a canvas and create exciting effects. On the other hand, JavaScript-centric courses will give you the chance to work on fun games like Word Scramble, Word Decoder, Hangman, and Word Search. Working on these sets will teach you JavaScript Random Array values, familiarize you with DOM elements and interactions, and much more.

The rest of the lessons will have you working on more challenging but exciting projects, and you won’t realize that you are already learning so much in such a short time.

Who Said Learning To Code Can’t Be Fun? Pick up the JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle on sale for just $ 30.

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