CircuitPython version 7: The easiest way to program microcontrollers


With version 7 of its firmware for Python– Cards from capable manufacturers are supported by the manufacturer Adafruit lots of new boards. The Self-Confidence Statement “The Easiest Way to Program Microcontrollers!” (The easiest way to program microcontrollers) is no coincidence – the excellent documentation, wide distribution, and good hardware support actually ensure a sense of accomplishment.

CircuitPython is a descendant of MicroPython and was primarily created by Adafruit for its own cards in order to provide customers with a safe environment for experiences. In the meantime, CircuitPython has exceeded manufacturer limits – both dialects support similar hardware and are mutually beneficial. At Adafruit, great importance is given to the material supported by the Libraries (Module in Python) is fully mapped and documented.

The easiest way to load your board’s firmware from the Download page at Adafruit, where you can choose your board directly and get the right version. A special feature of CircuitPython is that maps register as a reader and Python sources can be edited there directly. Installing new firmware is done in a very similar way with modern cards, either pressing the reset button twice or plugging in the card with the start button pressed. The new firmware (.UF2) is then placed on the now integrated reader.

the New arrivals in CircuitPython version 7 are among others:

    • CircuitPython development in browser (Chrome) via BLE
    • Camera support on ESP32S2
    • qrio: QR-Code lesen
    • Keyboard Scanner
    • Runtime configuration for USB devices
    • MicroPython features and bug fixes in MicroPython 1.16
    • Many new modules / libraries
    • board.LED for all boards with LED
    • Unicode file names
    • The board ID can be called in boot_out.txt and as board.board_id
    • and much more.

Do you want to know more? The 86-page Make MicroPython Special offers an easy introduction and transition to microcontroller programming with Python. Printed, as PDF or in batch.

  • The Make MicroPython Special in the heise store

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