Can you run Visual Basic 6 apps on Windows 11?


Windows 11 has made great strides for the operating system, but can you still run older Visual Basic 6 apps on it?

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The number of VB6 users has declined over the past decade, but a small proportion of developers still use VB6 applications.

You might be running VB6 apps on Windows 10 and are tempted to upgrade them to the latest version. As such, here’s all the information you need to know about running VB6 apps on Windows 11, which will help you decide if it’s worth updating or not.

Does Windows 11 allow Visual Basic 6 apps to run?

Microsoft has confirmed in a support statement on Microsoft Docs that it will not stop supporting VB6 apps on Windows 11 by including it in the list of operating systems that can run Visual Basic apps.

You can see this for yourself on a VBForums thread on VB6 compatibility on Windows 11. Users have successfully run VB6 apps on Windows 11 without any issues. Additionally, the company said that general and extended support totaled over 10 years, so you can expect to use VB6 applications for another decade.

3 Reasons Why Microsoft Didn’t Drop VB6 Application Support

Here are some of the reasons why Microsoft is not dropping VB6 support:

  1. Microsoft has not introduced any alternative that could replace VB6. Until an alternative is offered, Microsoft won’t abandon it overnight.
  2. Another common reason is to satisfy the concerns of developers who use VB6 to maintain already developed applications. Having no alternative and reduced support for new upgrades means they will either lose their jobs or stick to running older versions of Windows to run these apps.
  3. Microsoft is not spending money to upgrade VB6 to a newer version. It’s been that way for years. Therefore, without overhead, it doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to abandon apps that have been around for decades.


Possible issues you may encounter while running VB6 on Windows 11

There are many possible issues you may encounter while running VB6 on Windows 11, but here are two reported by users:

  1. Visual issues are one of the possible issues you might face while using VB6 on Windows 11 as reported by users. Although we cannot comment on the origin of this problem, updating the graphics driver may help.
  2. Another user reported that VB6 had errors when loading a project after copying the project directory from Windows 10 to Windows 11. So, you may see these errors when importing project directories from a older version of Windows to a newer version.

In the VBForums thread we linked above, a user evaluated their method for solving this problem:

If it’s the same problem that caused me when I migrated from 7 to 10 recently, click yes to continue loading the project, don’t touch anything, immediately add the objects again via components or references , exit saving changes to .vbp only, and reload the project. So everything is fine.

These are the most common errors that one may encounter while running VB6 applications on Windows 11. When dealing with all kinds of issues regarding running VB6 applications, you should consult other developers on different forums or talk to an expert.

Unable to run VB6 on Windows 11 for some reason?

If you’ve already upgraded to Windows 11 and are having trouble running VB6 apps, you might be able to use Windows Compatibility Mode to get things going. This way you won’t have to rollback the upgrade while running VB6 applications.

You can run any application in compatibility mode by following these steps:

  1. Right-click on the app and navigate to its Properties.
  2. Click on the Compatibility tab in the Properties the window.
  3. Check the box for Run this program in compatibility mode to:
  4. Choose a previous version of Windows from the drop-down menu.
  5. after hitting To applyClick on Okay.
    Running an Application in Compatibility Mode

Compatibility mode is one of the hidden modes in Windows that can come in handy when needed.

Easily run VB6 applications on Windows 11

Thanks to Microsoft, you can still run VB6 apps on Windows 11. Also, Compatibility Mode won’t fail you even if Windows 11 raises its hand to play the apps.


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