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Programming can be a nightmare if you don’t have the proper development tools to write and test source code without being overwhelming. Computer coding is the best way to go, but you certainly can’t beat the convenience of viewing or editing your source code from anywhere. This is where mobile devices come in. Your smartphone and tablet can also be used as development tools.

The Google Play Store is packed with apps for all your programming needs, from code editors, compilers, and development environments. They are all different and come with a wide variety of features and drawbacks, which makes choosing the best tool a challenge.

Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor offers a full text editor for the student. By supporting multiple languages, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, the publisher does what it promises with fewer ad distractions. But there is a feeling that someone has decided to take shortcuts. The biggest annoyance is a bug that doesn’t allow you to preview the results. It can also be difficult to indent or find a line of code.


A little more sophisticated, Quoda does exactly what it says on the tin: “code productively from the PC”. You will never be asked to choose a paid version, and the app always promises to be ad-free. Quoda supports various languages ​​including Lua, Ruby, SQL, Perl, Python Class, etc. with syntax highlighting. It’s a fast and responsive editor with few obvious bugs or issues.


Decoder can save the day if you get stuck on long public drives and could use some creative spells. It works fine even with its native Android keyboard. One of the best for learning IDE, the app lets you choose from over thirty languages. With a rich text editor with syntax highlighting, the output is visible directly in the window, which is reassuring. The “Design Now” feature is ideal for web developers. The app is generally free, but the paid version is not too expensive.


DroidEdit deserves a mention because it’s a full-featured code compiler that does almost everything previous apps do. Some people won’t like it because of the annoying ads in the free version. Still, DroidEdit manages to remain popular with many developers. The app is also professional with its support for tab indentation, line flipping, browser previews, fast scrolling, and direct script execution in SL4A.

HELP (Android interactive development environment)

AIDE offers an expert interface and leaves nothing out in its presentation like a complete development kit. It offers a comprehensive list of free learning tutorials as well as support for the Eclipse project. The application is intuitive at every step due to the reduced compilation efforts. Whether you want to hone your web programming skills or develop the software of your dreams, AIDE doesn’t beat around the bush. The free version is quite self-sufficient, but you still have to go for the paid version to unlock the best features. However, there are no ads or interruptions in the free version.

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