Be on the lookout for a missing python in the Irish Channel district


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A family from the Irish Channel is looking for their pet python named “Sunny”.

Does he slide in the grass? Does it slide in a tree? Where can “Sunny” the python be?

Rick Putzeys, owner of GR Automotive on the corner of Constance and Louisiana in the Irish Channel is looking for this 3.5 foot, 3 year old snake who has disappeared from a family that lives on Constance Street.

The docile, non-poisonous and non-dangerous python went extinct over the summer, but just recently the snake’s owner, Marshall Love, posted signs around the neighborhood in hopes of finding his more pet snake. young son.

“I’m sure he’s missing his snake. It’s his pet. Everyone is wondering where he could be, no one knows where he is, ”Putzeys said.

Neighbors say they were looking for the python and a few days ago a neighbor was spotted in their backyard.

The owner of the snake told us that it was spotted in a shed on rue Delachaise, but when he arrived to watch it, it was missing. Now he thinks the snake could be anywhere between Magazine and Delachaise streets or Constance and Louisiana.

“It’s a big snake. He will go out and eat. Someone’s going to find him, ”Putzeys said.

And this car store owner now feels like a “snake sleuth”.

“I think it’s probably under a house somewhere, that’s what I guess,” Putzeys said.

If you spot the snake, you can call the phone number displayed on the missing snake sign: 504-236-9809.


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