Bais Rivkah’s mothers join in on an evening of inspiration and fun


Over 250 mothers from Bais Rivkah gathered for an evening of inspiration, socializing and fun Wednesday night in Crown Heights. Full story, photos, video

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Over 250 mothers from Bais Rivkah gathered for an evening of inspiration, socializing and fun Wednesday night in Crown Heights.

The event, titled Welcome Home, opened with pop-up shops featuring 12 vendors. Mothers browsed and bought jewelry, knitted baby clothes, clothes, crafts, fur coats and more. After an hour of fun shopping, the program began.

Ms. Rivka Weinberg moderated the event, which began with a video presentation illustrating 80 years of Bais Rivkah’s growth.

Mrs. Chana vigler, a Shlucha from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., (and a proud alumnus of Bais Rivkah), addressed the crowd with passion. She stressed the importance of creating an exciting and practical atmosphere for our children to experience the beauty of Yiddishkeit. Practical experiences, rather than just responding to parental instructions, will lead them to take ownership of their Chassidishkeit. Ms. Vigler highlighted the unique role mothers play as Ha’bayi akeres in creating a warm and loving atmosphere in our homes.

VIDEO: Ms. Vigler speaks

After Ms. Vigler, three mothers and daughters performed touching duets.
Mrs. Clara Chaya Epstein and her daughter Mushka represented the primary school. They sang “A Yid”, touching the emouna that guides us.
Ms. Esther Freeman (@esthersmusic) and her daughter Charna, representing the college, sang “V’zekani”, describing a mother’s prayer.
Ms. Dina Bronstein and her high school daughter Chavale sang about the start of the next stage in life.
They concluded with a grand finale, composed by Ms. Clara Chaya Epstein, expressing how mothers and daughters are branches of the same tree.

The program ended with the launch of “It’s not just a story”.

An exciting project that offers mothers the opportunity to write a storybook that transmits the values ​​of Hasidish to their children. The winning entry will be published and placed in each preschool and elementary class, with the writer receiving $ 1,000. Submissions should be sent to [email protected] before February 12.

This event is part of the year-long celebration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of Bais Rivkah by the Frierdiker Rebbe.

Events were organized to celebrate students and mothers. See below for upcoming events celebrating the many demographics that make up Bais Rivkah’s family.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this beautiful evening possible:
Rabbi Sholom Goldstein
Ms. Nemanov, Ms. Brawer, Morah Avtzon, Ms. Rosenfeld, Ms. Jacobson, Ms. Tiechtal, Morah Gurvitz
Sara blau
Hadara friedman
Goldy Kalmanson
Chana paltiel
Menucha Oster
Moussie Berkowitz
Chantilly World
Wolf Rabbi
Esther edelman
Clara Chaya and Mushka Epstein
Esther and Charna Freeman
Dina and Chavale Bronstein
Sterna Rappaport
Rivky Perl
Dina tzeiger
Rivky shur
Mindle zaets
Maryashi oster
Seller Simi
Batya engel
Rivka Sara Bashari
Daniella Friend
Bryna webb
Rochi Shuchat

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