A new home for the python discovered in Kampong Salambigar


Rokiah Mahmoud

Six firefighters and a fire engine rushed to Kampong Salambigar where a three-meter python was found in a drainage on the third day of Hari Raya. Firefighters used a snake catcher to capture the reptile before releasing it back into its habitat.

ABK 150 Abdul Rahman bin Haji Edin from Lambak Kanan Fire Station led the firefighters.

The Fire and Rescue Service (FRD) said in a statement that firefighters have captured an increasing number of reptiles, including cobras and pit vipers, in the Sultanate. In 2020, two firefighters were injured while attending a similar incident. Both have recovered and no deaths have been recorded.

Although firefighters are armed with personal protective equipment and follow standard operating procedures, catching reptiles is considered risky.

The FRD advised the public not to attempt to approach or threaten wildlife. The public can contact the department if they encounter wildlife wandering on its premises.

Firefighters use a snake catcher to capture a three-meter python found in a drainage in Kampong Salambigar on the third day of Hari Raya. PHOTO: FRD

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