A 5ft python found in the backseat of an auto rickshaw in Titwala


Thane: 5ft python found in backseat of auto rickshaw in Titwala | Twitter/@ANI

Thane: A five-foot-long Indian rock python slipped into the back seat of an auto-rickshaw in the Titwala area of ​​Maharashtra’s Thane district on Saturday, sparking panic among auto-rickshaw drivers rickshaw and people.

The incident happened on Saturday morning when the auto-rickshaw driver went to check on his car which was parked on the side of the road. The passenger was waiting and he was about to get into the car to start the journey, but the driver of the car and the passenger were shocked when they found a 5ft Indian python sitting in the backseat.

Shortly after noticing the snake curled up in the back seat, the driver of the car frantically dialed the number of the War Foundation wildlife NGO snake charmer.

War Foundation snake charmer Sagar Mhatre quickly reached the spot after getting the information about the python in the backseat of an auto-rickshaw. Sagar Mhatre, after an hour of trying, managed to catch the python and transfer it to a carrier. When the python was caught, the motorist and locals breathed a sigh of relief.

Sagar Mhatre, Snake Charmer, said, “During the rainy season, there are incidents of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes coming in large numbers in search of prey in human settlements. Since humans are not the prey nature of pythons, humans are in no way danger of pythons.But some people kill pythons out of fear.Python skin is mostly used for handbags, belts, etc. in many regions due to hunting The Indian government has made it illegal to keep, kill or possess python skins.

Mhatre a snake charmer raised awareness by giving all the information to those present on site and he also asked that anyone who comes across a snake or any other wild animal in his living area do not kill them and contact the animal or forest service the closest .

The python was safely handed over to the Forestry Department and later Forest Area Officer RN Channe and Forester Ramdas Ghorle released the python to its natural habitat.

War Foundation President Yogesh Kamble, Animal Friends Prem Aher, Rehan Motiwala, Roma Tripathi and Forestry Department Officer Jayesh Ghuge and Ranger Dalvi were present when the python was released.

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