8 Data Engineer and Data Architect Certifications to Improve Your Skills


Technology is changing at a rapid pace and programming has become part of every IT professional’s repertoire. In order to stay abreast of these changes, it is essential that analysts improve their skills. From data engineering courses to cloud-specific specializations, there’s a certification for everyone.

If you’re looking to improve your skills, check out these data engineer and data architect certifications, each tailor-made for regular industry professionals.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

Amazon Web Services (AWS) website interface

Amazon Web Services is an umbrella term that covers many interdisciplinary tools, workflows, services and technologies. They serve everything from server virtualization technology to data center management and SDLC frameworks, analytics tool chains, and more.

The AWS Certified Data Analytics course is a specialized credentialing certification that has become an essential foundation for any data analyst.

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The AWS Data Engineering and Analytics Certification can help your career path evolve into more advanced roles with a hands-on AWS data lifecycle and analytics. The certificate is ideal for anyone with at least two years of hands-on experience with AWS.

Registration link: AWS Certified Data Analytics ($300)

2. Cloudera Data Platform Generalist Certification

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Cloudera seeks to accredit data engineers who are already familiar with its cloud data platform. You can opt for the CDP generalist certification, mainly if you are a specialist in the CDP platform and have a basic working knowledge of its tools and utilities.


Aspirants can take this training course to understand the standardized CDP Generalist curriculum. The course lays the foundation for advanced data governance and management roles.

If you have more than two to three years of experience in the data engineering field, rest assured that your experience in the CDP toolchain will add valuable skills to your repertoire.

The certification test covers 60 questions, each of which must be answered within 90 minutes.

Registration link: Cloudera ($300)

3. Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Associate Big Data Engineer

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the DASCA Associate Big Data Engineer offers a role-defined certification program for individuals seeking careers in big data analytics, architecture, orchestration, and governance.

DASCA recommends having a degree in computer science, CSE or a degree in computer programming. Although these are not mandatory requirements, they are essential prerequisites.

This certificate is ideal if you have a working knowledge of Core Java and a command of SQL queries for data manipulation.

The ABDE certificate is ideal for data professionals who can take advantage of the listed prerequisites to maintain multi-cloud ecosystems.

Registration link: DASCA Associate Big Data Engineer ($585)

4. Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Big Data Engineer

DASCA website interface

the Senior Big Data Engineer DASCA certificate is the next logical step for data scientists after the ABDE certificate.

This secondary certification is for experts working in data operations roles, such as monitoring, management, connectivity, security, governance, etc. Some prerequisites for the role include hands-on experience in core Java, SQL, PERL, Ruby, Linux, and Unix environments.

The course can significantly benefit engineers with a minimum of four to five years experience in the field. Registration will cost you a few hundred dollars and includes a kit of course materials and credentials.

Registration link: DASCA Senior Big Data Engineer ($620)

5. Google Professional Data Engineer


As a corporate data manager, you are responsible for collecting, transforming and publishing data. the Google Professional Data Engineer The certification validates your data engineering skills with the Google brand name attached, giving you a great opportunity to improve your skills.

The course also offers you a chance to hone your skills in Google’s data platform tool chain and workflows.

As part of the course certification, you will design data processing systems, drive solution QA, and develop ML-based data processing models. Additionally, you will also master the orchestration of Google’s data platform tools to improve end-to-end security, compliance, and governance standards.

Such is the reliability and fidelity that large enterprises demand in their data operations. This certification will help prepare you for these roles to implement a combination of strong Google Cloud data science and engineering concepts.

Registration link: Google Professional Data Engineer ($200)

6. IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Pak for Data v4.x

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IBM has been another important bastion of computing and computing for decades. Their Certified Solution Architect paves the way for aspiring big data analysts and experts to solidify their knowledge of hybrid cloud data ecosystems.

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This certification goes a long way in helping you prove your mettle in the field of machine learning operations for big data analytics, governance, and related sciences.

It consists of 63 questions, of which you must answer 42 questions correctly in 90 minutes to obtain a minimum passing score.

Registration link: IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Pak for Data v4.x ($200)

7. IBM Certified Solution Architect – Data Warehouse V1

IBM website interface

Those with prior knowledge of deploying IBM’s cloud-based data pipeline architecture will find the IBM Certified Solution Architect adapted to their needs.

The Cloud Pak for Data v4.x is a secondary certification stipulated for data engineers and architects wishing to obtain an IBM-certified curriculum vitae (CV).

As a prerequisite, you must have relevant field experience before enrolling in IBM’s Big Data Specialist certifications.

To pass this test, you should have a working knowledge of data governance, processing models, storage and virtualization, business intelligence tools, SQL query syntax, data science, AI and multidimensional modeling.

Registration link: IBM Certified Solution Architect – Data Warehouse V1 ($200)

8. SAS Certified Big Data Professional

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the SAS Big Data platform is responsible for some of the most versatile and proven analytical tools in the modern data engineer’s arsenal.

The Certified Big Data Professional certification consolidates your knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), marketing analytics, and other assorted SAS products and solutions.

Respondents should have a working knowledge of the program and be able to manipulate data in an ad hoc manner using SAS, Hadoop and Dive. It helps address modern enterprise data challenges in data management, fraud and security intelligence, risk management, and more.

This certification also proves to all future employers that you can derive critical insights from custom visualizations and implement improvements in data quality and analytical reporting.

You can opt for two exams in this regard:

  • SAS Big Data Readiness, Statistics, and Visual Exploration Exam
  • The SAS Big Data Programming and Loading Exam

A minimum of 6 months hands-on experience in SAS platform tools is preferred before pursuing this certification.

Registration link: SAS Certified Big Data Professional ($180 per exam)

Data Engineer and Data Architect Certifications for Every IT Professional

Even though data engineering certifications have become the talk of the town, there’s a lot more to expect in the IT field. Although choosing from a multitude of options can seem overwhelming, you can choose the ones that you think are the most effective in advancing your career.

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