6 pythons found in family home in Australia during mating season. Watch


Snake viral video: As many as six large snakes showed up at a family’s home near a rainforest in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. A snake rescuer has recorded videos of how he rescued six carpet pythons from the family home.ALSO READ – Viral Video: Family Discovers 4 Giant Pythons Relaxing on Porch and Apparently Looking to Mate | Watch

In the first part of the video which is going viral, the snake rescuer showed off three snakes he rescued from the family’s balcony. It first shows two pythons crouching on top of each other on the aft deck. He says it looks like male and female snake and they are about to mate. Also Read – Viral Video: Alligator Tries to Bite Python in Two Pieces, Watch What Happens Next

A few days later, the snake rescuer shows off another carpet python he came to rescue from the same house. The snake was on a chair on the balcony. Due to the snake breeding season and a nearby rainforest, four pythons appeared on the family’s balcony over a period of 2-3 days. In total, they had been visited by six snakes over a two-week period. The Instagram reel shared by Stuart McKenzie received 9,500 views and 370 likes. Read also – Viral video: A daring man dances with 2 giant pythons on his shoulders. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

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