5 things we love about the iPhone 13 Pro Max


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As an Android user, I always make it a point to check out the yearly iPhone releases and see how that compares to the experience of using an Android phone. And every year at least one thing is certain: iPhones still manage to surprise me with their superior quality, even compared to Android phones of the same price point.

Often times iPhones, when advertised, are teased for having features that were already found in Android phones in the past. A 120 Hz screen? A 1TB storage option? We highlighted exactly these things in a launch article for the iPhone 13, and how they have existed in Android phones in the past. The main difference, as always, is that these phones are not iPhones.

And when it comes to building, what your hand will experience day in and day out, iPhones are simply in their own class. I wonder if it’s the brand’s reputation that colors my judgment, but holding the iPhone 13 Pro Max, there’s just an exactitude in design and build that gives off that unmistakable high-end vibe.

Here are the other things I liked about it so far:

Cinematic video mode

Cinematic mode gives you bokeh while recording video. While many phones have similar functionality, I’m in awe of how natural it looks with the Pro Max. In the right hands, this is a mode that could produce a very nice video. It’s not something you would likely use every day, but if you do, Pro Max’s shot of shooting bokeh-filled cinematic video tends to be more of a real creative tool than just a simple one. gadget. Autofocus also cooperates well in mode, allowing you to lock onto a subject while still giving your camera some movement.

Video trimming was blazingly fast

There are already plenty of benchmarking numbers online that show the power of the A15 Bionic chip. But from my own practical experience, I loved how quickly you have to produce a new clip from a longer clip. I’ve done a few one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute crops from longer videos with filter and light correction, and the result is almost instantaneous. It feels noticeably faster even compared to this year’s flagship Androids, at least when it comes to this particular task.

To be clear, when using a dedicated editing app like iMovie beyond the more basic video cutter, it still renders at the usual pace. However, most mobile users will just cut and trim clips, so the speed at which the iPhone 13 does this is definitely a pro.

Macro shots

I think the iPhone 13 has one of the best macro images of any phone I have tested this year. I love macro shots, and the iPhone 13 does it with its 0.5x ultra wide lens. The result, like the cinematic bokeh in its Cinematic mode, is also incredibly natural and shows the depth of the image very well.

If there’s one thing the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s cameras do well, it’s shots don’t look processed at all (although there is of course a mode you can choose from). various lighting effects). If you’re looking for something that automatically changes your appearance for your own purposes, you won’t get it here.

The simplified user interface

I always get a bit of a panic when using a new iPhone as I actively search for the 3 basic navigation buttons found on an Android. The iPhone 13’s navigation bar works much the same as previous iPhones. You slide your finger up to reveal your current apps. When you’re in an app, you also slide your finger up to close it. This is the basic navigation style of modern iPhones. I think I’ve already noted this mentally: it looks more transparent than the androids’ 3-button setup. Coming from Android, it takes some getting used to, but once you’ve done that, the typical Android setup looks a bit dated in comparison.

120 Hz display, powerful speakers

Okay, so the iPhone is a little late for the 120Hz party, but hey, what can we say? The smoothness of a 120Hz screen goes well with a device like Apple’s. It’s the first iPhone with a 120Hz display, and for true fans and longtime Apple users, it’s a nice upgrade to the viewing experience.

The phone actually offers the whole multimedia experience. The speakers are some of the best sounds and deliver one of the best full stereo experiences we’ve heard from a phone.

It was especially interesting to play the iOS RPG only Fantastic, thanks to the powerful speakers in addition to the brilliant screen. All iPhone 13s have an A15 Bionic chip, but the Pro Max has the larger display (6.68 inches) to really showcase the gems you’ll find in the Apple Arcade game subscription service.

One big drawback though: the phone heats up quickly. Again i was playing Fantastic. And after a few minutes it was hot – uncomfortable but not unplayable, the heat coming mainly from the center of the body. – Rappler.com

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