3,500 Bais Rivkah alumni join the annual meeting


More than 3,500 Bais Rivkah alumni joined the school’s annual reunion in person and online, enjoying a high-level evening that entertained and inspired. Full Story, Photos, Video

Photos: Chana Levine/COLlive

More than 3,500 Bais Rivkah alumni enjoyed Bais Rivkah’s Embrace Live reunion on Wednesday night. Whether in person or live, the alumni experienced an entertaining and inspired high-level evening.

When the former students entered, they were greeted by a magnificent 80-year-old history museum. Photos, past and present, hung from the ceiling. Period uniforms were on display. Production videos were released, yearbooks spanning decades were lined up, and powerful stories were featured.

The host of the evening program, Ms. Aidela Blesofsky, shared how the Rebbe encouraged his mother to learn Bais Rivkah. The esteemed Chairman of the Board, Rabbi Abraham and Mrs. Batsheva Shemtov, told how Bais Rivkah was founded.

This was followed by four powerful EmBRace talks.
Mrs. Rishe Deitsch spoke about her transition to Bais Rivkah as a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts.
Mrs. Dena Schusterman empowered mothers to listen to their children’s feelings.
Mrs. Chanie Minkowicz reflected on the strong value system shared by his parents and Bais Rivkah.
miss Sarah Hodakov reminded the crowd how each individual was chosen to be in Bais Rivkah, on purpose.

The production melody, directed by Mrs. Hindel Levitin, took a musical journey down memory lane, from performances from the 1950s to today.

miss Zeesy Gourevich, the dynamic force behind Zappy by Zeesy, hosted an enthusiastic live game show. Participants were asked about many of Bais Rivkah’s “firsts”, as well as today’s program. Members of the public pressed their clickers to answer questions, participate in polls and guess staff members from vintage photos. Five lucky members of the public won prizes for their knowledge of the Bais Rivkah.

The focus turned to the future with Chinuch Tank. Three candidates have launched important initiatives to improve the chinuch of our students. Members of the public voted for their choice of the final three. Congratulations to Mrs. Chaya Chazan, winner of the $25,000 scholarship. She will use the funding to create a literature program that teaches writing skills and literary tools using Jewish literature.

This unforgettable evening ended with a catchy “80s” melody performed by the students of the Bais Rivkah high school. The participants left inspired by the magnificent history of the school they attended and the bright future that awaits it.

Did you miss the event? You can watch a replay here:

A big thank you to everyone who made this evening possible:

Rabbi Sholom Goldstein
Ms. Teichtel
Morah Gorowitz
Directors of Bais Rivkah

Sara Blau
Menucha Oster
Chana Paltiel
Moussie Berkowitz
Tzivi Feldman

Elders Committee:
Ms Kahan
Mushka Bruk
Ms Tzirel Goldman
Mrs. Batya Engel
Ms Rivky Markowitz
Shula Bryski
Chanie Denburg
Gueula Gniwisch
Mirel Heber
Rochelle Klein
Hindel Levitin
Laky Majeski
Dobie Mentz
Devouring Pearl
Sheva Rapoport
nechama simpson
Chanchi Vigler

Choir of Elders:
Chaya Sara Marassou
Chaya Sosonkine
Shternie Pearl
Goldy Kalmenson
Mrs. Gansburg
Ms Brafman
Devouring Pearl
Mrs Greisman

Setup Committee:
Risha Paltiel
Chana’le Popper
Faigy Karasik
Nechama Block
Sharona Kuperman
Chana Piekarski
Shani Werner
Batya Engel
Altie Spielman
Sara Geisinski
Chaya Fischer
Mussi Lehrer
Mushky Weinbaum
Rikki Rosenblum
Rivky Oster

Sponsors of the evening:
vaad print
sushi restaurant
Frosting and co
Crumbs and pieces per chava
Cakes from Mushky Weinbaum

Giveaway Sponsors:
Tzipa Spalter Wardrobe Advisor
Malkie Eckhaus Wigs
Healthy bagels
Chantilly desserts
Khan’s Convenience Store
By Sara hair salon
Prestige Embroidery
hello bread
On A Roll by Mushky Yiftach
Personalize it
Everything but the baby
Makeup by Henya
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Chinuch Tank Judges:
Mrs. Devorah Shmotkin
Ms. Chanie Geisinsky
Ms Rivky Denburg


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