Templates as a service - with swig.js

This video is in English.
Length: 18:17
Source: YAPC::NA 2014 on the 2014-06-25.
Speaker: Logan Bell


At Shutterstock we like to try occasional unorthodox ideas and see if they will fly. During one of our quarterly hackathons we came up with a surprisingly fast template service that we currently call "Swig As A Service". After we wrote the service we integrated it into Dancer.

After that, we then took this hack and bundled it up and put it on Github. As part of this talk I would like to cover the following:

  • Go over what SaaS is and why it could be useful for the next web application one might build.

  • Explain why we chose to run this in Node.js and a little bit about Swig.js

  • Talk briefly about some of our challenges, why this is even a sane idea.

  • Recruit people to start taking it for a spin.

Length of Presentation:

20 Minutes

Minimum Level of Knowledge:

Interest in exploring different ways of serving up HTML Experience with Dancer would be beneficial. Beginner to intermediate level of web programming.


Just a projector and a sense of humor.

About Speaker

My name is Logan Bell and I am a lead software developer at Shutterstock. I hack a lot in Perl and think all should either work remotely or commute via unicycle.

http://www.loganbell.org/images/loganbell_unicycle.jpg http://www.loganbell.org/images/loganbell.jpg